Hey everybody!  Thanks for the patience.  Just got a whole project draft edited, and looking to get it edited some more.  Look for some more content (of some sort haha) soon!  Thanks, again!

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Alright peoples.  I had a real nasty time the end of last year, and whatnot, so the writing suffered.  I am currently getting back to where I was on editing, and hope to have an updated version soonish.  Don’t loose hope, haha.  I’m doing stuff for sure finally!
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Hey, it’s been a minute guys!  News on a few things.  One, I’m going to be trying to get some beta reading feedback from a few trusted sources, and hopefully nail down some potential orders from people I know personally.  Second, I should have real book cover art soon!  A friend of mine should be starting work on the art here in a week or so, so be on the lookout for a slick, new cover!  I’m pretty excited about it!  Thanks again, everyone!

Thanks for all the interest in my crazy project.  I’ve just done another revision on chapter 1.  Nothing is really different in the action, but some things are smoothed out with help of the Scribophile gang.  I will try and put up another chapter in a week or so -- just want to make sure it’s worthy of the public eye.   ;)  Thanks again!

Just put up a revised version of Chapter 1: The Murderers of vom Rath  Thank you all for the support!

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@Matthew S. Adams I’m sorry, but I can only read you prologue for now, I have the doctor tomorrow and it’s getting late. But here is my input: The description really caught me, I love apocalyptic settings, and it sounds weird and unique which is what I’m all about. It opens with a very intimate relationship with the gun, which is great for weirdness. Make sure the dialogue is with the corresponding sentence, it makes it easier to read who’s speaking. Good job with your description’s just try to go more in depth with the atmosphere, it can really help make what’s happening seem real. Overall great way to open the story, good luck with it!

Another chapter is up.  Enjoy.

Second Chapter is now up.