Julian Green and Finn Mcrae
Easy to read because of Janna's fluid writing style, the creeping impending sense of unease keeps the pages turning nicely. Uniquely flavored world that really drives the message that at the end of the world, the worst monsters are still human.
Steve Soldwedel
Finally. A post-apocalyptic novel that doesn't involve zombies, but instead employs a far more terrifying group of antagonists: cannibals. Who cares about mindless, animated corpses stumbling around, chewing on the hapless when there are cold, calculating, living people doing the same thing? Janna knows how to build a sense of dread, through her narrative, and if you like dark, atmospheric works of suspense -- ones that delve into the darker sides of human nature and the fight for survival in the face of such horrors -- then you damned well better read this gem.
Andrew Wood
I immediately became a fan of The Talkers are Talking due to Janna Grace's superb writing abilities. This novel is very well written, with examples of metaphors and similes that vividly portray this book. Beyond that, the Talkers has a promising story, an epic setting and one more reader who eagerly awaits his copy of this book.
Brian Guthrie
In a fully realized world that hearkens to classic post-apocalyptic worlds like Fallout, the author tosses you headlong into this world that's turned on its citizens.  She very quickly draws you into this world and to the tale of different survivors, some smart, some not so smart, some lucky.  Some not.  An enjoyable tale with a very interesting approach to prose, this one is sure to scratch that end of the world book itch you have.
CoRy Wyszynski
The post apocalyptic backdrop Grace has laid out is both alive and inviting. There is a breath of fresh air as she weaves between poetic benchmark and gritty realism. There seems to be an influx of end of the world story lines found in several depictions of media, but Talkers takes us to a depth we rarely see -- underground and treacherous, with an exit that is exciting to reach towards. 
Landon Crutcher
Sewer survival cannibal apocalypse fiction done oh so right!Let me put it simply; this is good stuff. There are so many freaking post-infection apocalyptic books in the world today that I'll admit to being highly skeptical at first. I was wrong. This is going to be a pretty awesome book! Janna does a great job setting the tone and creating the atmosphere of this world. Learning about the infection and the following events through Olivia's world view is really effective. As a narrator she has a sort of dry sensibility that works very well. In such an extreme setup as this it would be very easy to go over the top with the characters but this approach keeps it grounded. It's a little bit of an aside but Janna accomplishes something in these few pages that I found really impressive, she creates a cast of characters that seem truly random, complicated and not what you expect to find in a genre novel. There is no reason these individuals should have survived together in the sewers for as long as they have and it really invites you in as a reader and makes you feel part of the story. There is also a small section Janna posted where Olivia's dog is killed and it's heartbreaking. I only mention it because she approached the subject in a manner that reminded me of Cormac McCarthy and I don't know that I can give much higher praise.Having said all that, I have to add that the most fascinating aspect of this story so far is Sergeant 0307 and her routine duties of sorting through survivors. I am absolutely hooked on whatever the hell is going on there. I am so excited that Janna is telling the story from inside and outside of Haven. I can't wait to read the rest of this story. I highly recommend giving it a read!
Jodhan Ford
The Talkers are talking, contains the enjoyment of something familiar, but also flavoured with something different. The author has a flowing script but also shows a depth for character development and plot. Mystery, suspense, humor and survival are woven well together. A solid read for those who enjoy the genre but hope for something different as well. 
Stephen Carignan
This is a really interesting take in a genre that is full of not-so-interesting takes. One of the strong points about this work is how realized the world is and how clear the characters leap off the page. The setup is enough to know that the reader is in for a thrilling journey.
Bryn Hagan
Well, I've read all you've got, and I think it's great. I think when I review something I'm supposed to offer tips or something, but there is nothing I can say to improve what I think is a seriously gripping story, what is well written.What I suspect though, is that you've set the scene for what could be several books. There are so many questions that need to be answered, although the ultimate is - can humanity find a solution, and move to the surface again.
Yicheng Liu
For a story that advertises cannibals at the end of the world, it sure is a hell lot less darker than I had originally expected it to be. The talkers are talking are a witty book with a fast pace that lets you enjoy the author's world building and intelligent design in such an entertaining read. I devoured the first and second chapter!
All in all, this story held an unique sort of premise that gives it a power of attraction, and it had certainly attracted me! Readers beware, you are in for a story that will not let you go in a rollercoaster as far as eyes can see.