The Financial Times
Conveys the peculiarity of a workplace full of young, bright people fixated on the future.
Sunday Business Post
A blistering work of fiction.
Lena (Helena and Malena)
Excellent skewering of tech corporate culture.
Business Insider
A former Google employee wrote a novel about sex and drugs at a fictional search ad company — so we asked him how much was true.
Knowledge For Men
Ex-Googler Filip Syta left the tech world to write books and his debut literary novel tells you why — in a satirical, true and unsavory tale, revealing the savagery beneath the shiny veneer of Silicon Valley.
The Tracking Board
After upstart indie publisher Inkshares found itself in the middle of a bidding war this past week on their debut author Mike Mongo’s title ASTRONAUT INSTRUCTION MANUAL with no less than 3 A-list producers at the center, we have now confirmed there is an offer on a second debut author’s title, THE SHOW by Filip Syta. The book, which was just featured in this Financial Times article and sold out on its initial run, details the Wolf of Wall Street style antics inside what is essentially his previous employer Google’s hallowed halls.
Die Welt
Filip Syta kündigte bei Google und schrieb einen Roman über eine Tech-Firma, bei der Koks, Sex und gefälschte Zahlen zum Alltag gehören. Syta sagt, 90 Prozent entsprächen der Realität bei Google.
Sex, droger och tech - svenske Filip Syta sa upp sig från Google för att skriva en bok om den fiktiva sökmotorjätten The Show.
A kind of Wolf of Wall Street of the West Coast. ― Fortune
Elite Daily
Google does everything your mother doesn’t do for you anymore. Why shouldn’t it?