Profilepic Nick Nafpliotis · Author · added 2 months ago
Just read the first short story. Loved it.

Gotta be honest, though...I kind of hate your book teaser/log line. Felt way too cheesy/forced. Almost made me not give it a read, which would have been a shame since the content inside is great. 

Well, this is the first full day that this puppy has gone live, so I think 5 followers and one pre-order are pretty good! Now, this project is in fact a collection of a number of short stories I have been writing over the years; it’s fully ready, not a work in progress, so feel free to share it to as many people as you want, and to pre-order as soon as you’d like to. If you know someone who likes horror, or even just likes dark mystery/suspense type stories, send them over to have a look! And I’d like to also say how much I appreciate every one of you for following this book!