Scott Kenemore, national bestselling author of Zombie, Ohio and The Grand Hotel
Visceral, funny, relentless, and clever, The Seventh Age: Dawn is the rollicking tour of supernatural Chicago you never knew you needed.  A mix of Jim Butcher and Terry Pratchett — with just a little Mike Royko thrown in for good measure — an urban fantasy tale with real bite. Check it out!
Joseph Asphahani
Unlike most, I've had the chance to read well into The Seventh Age: Dawn, and I can tell you that Rick Heinz's story hits the ground running and never lets up. Whether you're one for wild sorcery and sacrificial rites, or simply clobbering ancient demons with your bare hands, Dawn will not disappoint. And beneath all the action, something dark is stirring, something that threatens to harness the fall of the world as we know it to seize limitless power. This first book in Heinz's Seventh Age series sets up that conflict perfectly.
Romero Russo
Just before you down the last slug of whiskey straight from the bottle, add 7 drops of Sixth Sense, 4 drops of Ghostbusters 3, a chunk of fruitcake from Scrooged, and a splash of The Shining. Toss it back. Try not to choke on the cake, but if you do, you'll be working for O'Neill and The Unification. Monsters might be real, but at least you'll have dental. Enjoy the ride.
Andrew J. Ainsworth
Heinz knows how to get the adrenaline pumping in the reader as you read about the protagonist high up on the skeletal structures of Chicago skyscrapers. His imagery is visceral and his setting immersive, nay! Transporting. If you enjoy thrilling urban fantasy, here's your next read.
Shanta Pablo-Simmons
I absolutely cannot wait to get this! The casual description of horrific scenery just blends with Mike's POV so well, from what I've learned about his character so far. The chapter I've read so far really reminds me of both Dark Souls and Diablo, because of the macabre descriptions and the foreboding warnings that O'Neil gives. With one chapter you've peaked my interest and I can't wait to read more once it's published! Well done!
Love it.  Glad to see that he has a choice and friends that believe in him.  Can not wait to read the rest of the book to see what choice he makes.
John Robin, author of Blood Dawn
Heinz grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. This is the opening to a spectacular urban fantasy with spring-loaded action. I can't wait to read more and see where this tale of demonic conspiracies is going!
Yicheng Liu
An interesting book that had left me wanting more! Brilliant narrative that had a clear purpose and feel. I like what I see. :)
Melissa Berg
The first five chapters pulled me in and kept me there. I knew Mike, I understood his thoughts, his mood, I was living in his world. He's a guy who's had terrible things happen around him, but he continues on and tries to shrug it all off like the bad luck he assumes it to be... Hopes it to be. Until his friend and therapist begins to see that all this is pointing to something much bigger. When Mike finds out the truth, a string of bad luck would have been a much better scenario. I can't wait to find out even more!
Luke Daley
Great read