Deborah Munro
Castle has crafted an eerily believable future for America that is reminiscent of George Orwell's 1984. From the giant wall insulating America from the rest of the world, to the propaganda on mandatory, controlled television, to the cameras monitoring the protagonist's every movement, I was chilled. This is a fascinating read about how 75 years from now, everything could be totally different in our world.
Robert Batten
The Walls are Closing In paints a vivid picture of a chilling future which feels all too believeable in today's climate. An insular, authoritarian regime rules over a brittle, fearful United States. Our protagonist, refreshingly a scientist, has a legitimate purpose working within the restricted buffer zone bordering the towering wall now dividing her country from the rest of the world. It's likely to get her in trouble.Jacqui Castle is a skilled author, presenting us with an engaging narrative likely to prove a powerful cautionary tale as well as exhilarating ride.
Fernando Crôtte
Isolationism to the point of imprisonment, but the mortar has started to crack. The dark, threatening mood and the hint of revolution and hope for better days are laid out beautifully in the first few sentences. I was drawn powerfully to the story!
Bill Osinski
This is future shock delivered in real time and with max voltage. The most chilling part about The Walls are Closing In is that the walls really are closing in. We have just endured a presidential where truth was discarded and ignored, so it does not seem like such a leap to enter a world where truth, beyond what the powerful deem it to be, is unknown. 
Stephen Carignan
The Walls are Closing In brings to life a stark dystopia that feels dangerously normal to the characters therein. While the exact nature of why and how this wall has come to be remains a mystery, the author uses a deft hand at helping the reader feel the impact of the situation. I look forward to reading more!
Joshua Griffith
a great start to what is sure to be a great novel. a walled off America, government controlled citizens and in the mist of it all, Patricia Evans works under big bro'e eye as her curiosity of whats beyond the wall. I recommend this one
Shawn Dove
An authoritarian world that's not too difficult to imagine. The writing is clear and strong. The first chapter slowly orients you to the fact that privacy and freedom have been sacrificed to big brother.
Reader Writer
Love the beginning!
Perry Snow
Wow I am adore this book already, can't wait for it to be published :)
Scott Beggs
Excellent, timely premise with a terrifying map to boot.