Linda E Palmer
The next to the last paragraph of chapter three was so telling. I love the relational development!   There is something almost sacred between a daughter and her father. It takes an intuitive daughter to recognize when that relationship has come full circle.  I cannot wait for more...write swiftly!
Artie Sievers
Anything with pixies and fairies is A-OK in my book!
Rodney V. Smith
Oh hell yeah! Well written, charming and with the right ingredients: pixies and trolls!
BC Dee
Want to know Tinkerbell's dark secret? Check out The Pixie Wars! Read a new take on where pixie dust comes from in this fantasy-adventure coming of age story.
Joshua Griffith
it cute, witty, and a fun read. I want this one for my personal collection. i loved what i've read so far
Ashley Brandt
The premise of this book sounds like it's full of magic. You don't see many that's full of fairies and pixies!
Ashley Brandt
The author has gathered up all of the elements that are needed to create a wonderful fantasy story. There's magic, fairies, goblins, pixies, and other such things. The author has also taken care to craft the story so that it flows smoothly for the reader to enjoy. It's truly wonderful!