Brynn Yoder
Saying everything around what is happening without saying the exact thing that's happening. Tatum does this flawlessly in the first chapter alone, leaving me hooked.
Matt Farley
A unique premise that had me hooked before I finished the first chapter. Have no idea where this one is going and I’m excited to find out.
Reader Writer
I’ve now read three chapters of Mr. Tatum’s The Mommy Machine. I rarely actually “read” books these days, as the audio version better suites my lifestyle. This draft has captured me. I end up with a lump in my throat during each chapter. Here we have this loving, bereft, lost father who is having to make both subtle and gross adjustments during a time when grief wants to dominate. Between the father-daughter nicknames and Chloe’s questions, I’m loving (and feeling somewhat protective of) this relationship. Yes I want more!