Dear Readers,

I want to send a heartfelt Thank You to all those who have written such beautiful reviews, comments and recommendations for The Legend of Madog.  And for those who have already ordered, an extra big hug too!

I’m not a social media user (no facebook, twitter, youtube, etc.), and didn’t enter any contests before launching my pre-order campaign, which puts me at a disadvantage as everyone seems to be competing for Geek & Sundry... and I’m helping to support many of you, as I find the quality of projects on InkShares just astounding! (good luck to you all!!)

But I hope readers who really like my idea will not be dissuaded from supporting me.   I may not be in an InkShares contest, but the screenplay version of Madog has already won plenty of contests in its day.

The idea for The Legend of Madog came from a little-known story within the Arthurian legend that just took hold of me.   It’s been fifteen years in the making.  A labor of love, sweat, and many tears as I realized how hard it is to break into the film industry even with an award-winning script.

This is why I decided to write the book version.

Please take a look at my website, and if you think this is a movie you would like to see, or a book you would like to read, then I would love to have your support.   A recommendation, a review, a helpful critique, or a pre-order are all greatly appreciated!


Many blessings to my fellow writers,

Karen Kenyon