Jennifer Webb
Far out! Words have smells! I always thought they did, but others couldn't smell them. In this book, we see that hyper-sensitivities are taken to a new, higher consciousness level. Fascinating!
John Robin
A world where numbers have color ... I'm intrigued!
S.E. Soldwedel
All right, everybody. Most of you have supported me wonderfully, now please look at this gem from an author who needs your help. If you have any credits to spare, or are willing to spend some money, spend it here.
A.C. Weston
Unique voice, solid writing, definitely deserves attention.
S.T. Ranscht
Synesthesia, in all its myriad expressions, is fascinating. To read a story told from a synesthete's POV, especially one as well written as this, should be delicious. Show me more!
J. F. Barnzie
Incredibly interesting. I can't wait to read more!