Joseph Asphahani
Jessica Evans has a gift. Meticulous selection of every word brings every detail of The Hated to life. I feel myself in every room, standing by every character, hearing what they hear, seeing what they see, and ultimately feeling the desperation, the fear, the dread at the unstoppable force that's coming. Evans gives us a glimpse of this doom by the end of the first chapter, and the title of her work makes me wonder what it's like to be hated.
Stephen Carignan
Told with a careful hand and a human perspective, The Hated  brings a third dimension to the abhorrent events that so easily slip into the realm of history. Abraham witnesses his wife's birth with a clinical fascination that would be unflattering if he wasn't so charming. I look forward to more of this story!               
Emma Galbraith
This story is vivid and exciting. I can't wait to read more.
Joseph Asphahani
This promises to be a powerful, family-focused story, set against the oncoming horrors Jews endured in WW2. Worth your attention.