In a time and galaxy quite distant from our own, two star systems – the Empire of an elite dictator, Netheran Hamer, and the Dorcini Kingdom - lie in a state of cold war that has rampaged for over a generation. While Hamer slowly but steadily has usurped and gained power over many of the surrounding systems, including the once glorious Renntian hierarchy, the equally powerful Kingdom of Dorcin holds one last vital power play that may change the tide of the cold war into a full blown, intergalactic battle waged to regain a semblance of democracy in the systems desecrated by the villain’s choke hold on humanity.

This power play; a secret weapon; a beloved “gem” that has been protected by the royalty of Dorcin under the strictest of vows kept to the once ally of their system and the fallen leader of Rennth is waiting to be revealed when the time is right and the need dire. Dorcin must wait for a pivotal moment to surprise Hamer’s forces with this weapon.

Meanwhile, Dorcin has worries of its own to meet - as its future ruler comes of age to lead, an age old tradition must be kept to choose the protectors of their future queen. Two young Dorcini will compete for the right and honor to become Guardians; elite bodyguards trained specifically in the art of combat and technology respectively to meet the needs of their war torn and scientifically advanced society. As the competition advances, two young women rise through the ranks to take their place in the final show of skill that will put them before the eyes of those they would swear themselves to protect, and onto the playing board of a vast and dangerous scheme to save or destroy their worlds.

It is quickly seen that these two young women are not merely what they appear to be, and hold deep secrets that may be their undoing, or the key to waging and winning the war for the side of right and freedom. Between them, their fellow Guardian initiates, and the secret weapon waiting to be unveiled, they stand a sliver of a chance against defeating the imperial and seemingly unstoppable forces of Hamer.

But it may be the only chance they have.

Hi! We’re Abby and Autumn - co-writers of The Guardians. We’ve been writing sci-fi together since we fell in love with Star Wars, Stargate, and Star Trek as kids, living out fantasies and honing our talents through the written word. The Veiled Hope is a culmination of characters and stories that have evolved and matured into the story you now see that has been in the works since we were young teens, and have grown up with us in practically every way.

But maybe you’d like to hear a little bit about us through the eyes of our co-writer to get to know us better -

Autumn: If there’s one thing that is the most important thing to know about Abby as a writer, it’s that she is the utter backbone of this story. As well as being the glue. Probably the cover binding too. And if you read something that makes you laugh or "awwww" out loud, she probably wrote it. She’s sappy and sentimental and absolutely wonderful that way. One day, if this book really makes it big, I’ll consider releasing all the original scenes that Abby’s written that I’ve had to tone down the "adorable factor" in, but only if the book makes it big *unveiled bribery initiate.

Abby: One thing I have really enjoyed in writing this book is seeing how far Autumn and I have come as writers. When we first started ~ laughs~ you would not have been able to read past the first page it was so cheesy. As we grew up though and our writing styles started to mature and change it is really amazing to see what it has morphed into. Autumn is my “finisher”. She always is able to make what I wrote look like a million bucks. One plus to being friends for so long is we can read each other’s minds almost 95 percent of the time. Autumn is able to take a boring draft I put together and add enrapturing words that draw you into our story. If you feel like that, that was Autumn. She also choreographed everyone one of our fight and flight scenes. She has taken self-defense classes as well as been to flight school so those scenes are based on her real life experiences. This book could not have been made without her and the beautiful ways she makes my jumbled scenes come to life.

We really want to thank all of you who are visiting our page and reading this. We appreciate you helping us make our dream a reality.

Abigail and Autumn

Getting in contact with us:

We have a joint email that we’ve set up for any questions/proposals you all have, and you can reach us at

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