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Whats new with The Guardians?
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What a wonderful story!  I read this at work (shhh!) during small breaks.  Everything is brilliantly written.  The characters are magnetic and the word usage is perfect. Everything reads so smoothly that the reader is effortlessly carried away to this galaxy that the authors have created.

Hello fellow authors and supporters,

I feel like we have not written anything in a while. Life has been crazy and hectic with midterms and life in general. Autumn and I have not given up hope on winning quite yet. WE are 13 days away from the end of the Contest and we are about 40 short of being in 30 place. I know some of you have not bought a book yet and if you have not we would really appreciate you doing so , and helping us make our dream a reality. We are so grateful for all the comments that people have given to us and all the advice. Thank you for all the love!!!

Abigail and Autumn

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Hey do you ladies know about the Goodreads Inkshare forums? This place has really helped drive awareness and sales to my book:


Hello everyone! Today Abby and I released an excerpt for all of our faithful readers to check out. We know that a lot of authors have released second, third, even fourth chapters who are in the lead of the Space Opera contest. We considered releasing the second chapter, but as we really want to keep some things a secret still for your enjoyment later on, we decided an excerpt might be an even better option. This way, you can get a taste of what the story may be like down the road, meet a few characters you can expect to see, and also experience the mystery of "Hmm... but what happened in the interim?" 

Excellent question. Perhaps some day you shall find out. 

Please enjoy and thanks for reading! ~Autumn and Abby

Just a quick note to let all those fellow inkshare followers know that Autumn and I would love to do a pre-order swap with you. So if you want you can email us at RayneandKayva@gmail.com and we can exchange info. Again we appreciate all your support.

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Awesome first chapter! The level of detail is fantastic and really shows the dedication to the story. Love it! :) 

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The Kingdom of Dorcin and the Dorcini Kingdom are the same but thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are always trying to tweak things that others might find confusing.
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Are the Dorcini Kingdom and the Kingdom of Dorcin the same thing? I was wondering if this was a Republic of China vs. People’s Republic of China thing.

New readers, buyers, and friends - welcome! We’ve enjoyed a slight increase over the past couple days that has gotten our spirits up, so thanks for that! 

We did a whole lot of over the phone compiling, drafting, editing, and development last night that has left us with a whole new sense of purpose. So if we get those orders by tonight, we could release some new material... with some action, and new characters to meet. 

We also want to remind all Inksharian authors out there that we are more than happy to swap preorders! Please, please pitch us as we would love to support our fellow writers and read your stories as well. We’ve had a great time getting to know our Inksharian buddies, and it’s a great way to widen the readership, on both sides. 

Now I have to get back to drawing ship schematics and procrastinating character development scenes in favor of coming up with new and interesting ways to kill people. Autumn (and Abby) out.