Alexander Barnes
The Guardians : The Veiled Hope by Abigail Burton and Autumn Gass It's not that uncommon to find a story I like. It is somewhat rarer to find one I love, but here we have the rarest of all, A story I wish I had written. A great blend of humor, characterization, and plot, on top of an interesting setting and a writing style that fits the story like a glove.
Kirsty L Jennings
There is nothing like an author who can pen such a detailed and emotional story quite like these two! I felt like I was being absorbed by the book itself. I love reading Sci-fi and fantasy and this really intrigued me from the first few chapters. With such detail I actually thought I was standing right beside the characters. This is definitely a book I can't wait to read!
Abby Stark
The first thing I'll say is that I don't typically read books about space and intergalactic wars and all that. But being that the authors are personal friends of mine, of course I was going to give it a try. It was definitely worth it. I don't claim to be a professional, and I believe that unbiased opinions and reviews are the best for everyone. But it was well written, the characters very realistic and likable, even the evil ones. Of course, this is only the first chapter. But I, myself, have had the privilege to more of the story, and it is chalk full of lovable characters and surprises. It's definitely worth the investment to read the whole story.
Abigail Burton and Autumn Gass
our goal with this book is to keep you intrigued and laughing throughout the entire thing . Hopefully you enjoy the characters as much as we do .
I've co-written this book, and think y'all might be interested. Check it out?!
Alexander Barnes
I can't wait to read more of this story.
C. L. Feindel
The title struck me as a bit lofty, but what you'll find in the first chapter is down-to-earth sci-fi with just the right amount of cheek.
Abigail Stark
The authors are personal friends of mine, but I'm not bias. This is a fantastic book, with great plot and lovable characters. Definitely worth the read, in fact, buy yourself a copy.