Jessica Dench
Compelling and hilarious, I can't wait to read the full novel. Puts me in mind of Terry Pratchett.
Cody Pearce
A very intriguing start. These pages showcase a unique and zany voice that reminds me of Douglas Adams or Terry Gilliam.
I've been lucky enough to have read the entire thing. Trust me, it'll make you laugh and you'll enjoy the twists and turns to come!
Nicholas E. Efstathiou
An interesting premise. I'm looking forward to more of the story!
Eliza Stopps
An intriguing mystery follows the charming main character, Button. She finds a gift in her backyard that promises to change her life. This book is witty, interesting, and you won't want to put it down.
Stephen Carignan
If one were to write a work with a compelling character, a created world, a dash of whimsy, and then accidentally broke down metaphysical concepts in such a way the protagonist had no choice but to drag the reader along, one would find themselves writing The Great Hand. Only, to this person's dismay, they would find this excellent piece of writing already written and soon to be in print on the Inkshares website and reading this review for a book, I'm sure you've already pre-ordered.
Chrissy Cook
A humorous romp through the eyes of an apathetic 20-something in a fantasy world - an treat for anyone, but particularly for those of us who clicked on the elves in Warcraft III enough to hear I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN BY THE GREAT METAL HAND IN THE SKY!
Joni Dee
Corky & intriguing, plus Sammy is a fellow team GB - give her a chance and check it out!