Joseph Keeler
Ill be honest: Dwarves are my favorite fantasy race. Every good fantasy book ive ever read has them. And making the focal point of an entire book?! YES PLEASE
Antimony Noon
In a fantasy world, complete with giants, heroes of legend and thwarted destinies, Yintal, the brash, foul-mouthed protagonist, promises nothing if not an adventure! 
Danica Power
You may think you know dwarves, but J.M Bush introduces us to characters that break the mould! Full of ribald humour and enchanting storytelling, 'The Gods that Keep Them' is a thrilling literary journey!
Y. E. Katerina
An adventure tale with an interesting take on dwarves. Original characters, lots of humour and an adventure that will leave you wanting more
Jane-Holly Meissner
Dwarven folk have long been shuffled into the NPC/Sidekick roles of fantasy, but here in The Gods That Keep Them J.M. Bush gives them their time to shine. Yintal is foul mouthed and at the end of a long giant killing mission when he runs into Ceean, a half-dwarf prostitute with ties to something far greater than she can imagine. He takes it upon himself to see her to her destiny, and, if the first few chapters are anything to judge by, we're in for one hell of a hero's journey.