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The Ghost Tracks is a book of horror and suspense. It tells the story of Erasmo Cruz, a broke 23 year-old, living in a rough neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas. He’s just found out that his grandmother is in dire need of money for medical treatment. Forced to resort to desperate measures, he places an ad on Craigslist claiming to be a “paranormal expert,” hoping to exploit an incident he was involved in years ago.

After placing the ad, Erasmo slowly becomes entangled in the strange lives of three clients: Billy, a drifter who claims he can see the future; Leander, a murder suspect who is certain he is being chased by a vengeful spirit; and Nora, a woman who believes her son is possessed by a demon. Certain that they are irrational and unstable, Erasmo is shocked when the drifter correctly foresees several events, the child does indeed show signs of possession, and the suspect actually appears to be haunted by a spirit.

As Erasmo witnesses this series of impossible events and attempts to unravel their mysteries, he begins to question his own skeptical beliefs. Erasmo must figure out what is real and what isn’t, uncover the connections between his clients, and come to terms with the mind-bending lies he’s told himself, all before someone ends up dead.

Kirkus calls THE GHOST TRACKS, “riveting,” “unnerving,” an “indelible story that slowly sinks its teeth in and doesn’t let go,” and says it “packs the meanest punch, unleashing a series of surprising twists.” This novel was submitted to Kirkus for review purposes only, and has not been published in any form. THE GHOST TRACKS is fully written and edited.