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Long story short, the campaign failed.

BUT - in this video I give the deets.


Thank you all for your support! I’ll be back!


Aloha - hello - what’s up?

Just a quickie here - development continues and to help increase exposure, there’s a website! Check it out at:


I’ll continue to send out updates this way, but there’s a blog over there where I’ll be posting updates as well as some expositional stories that aren’t making the cut in the final form and some behind the scenes stuff (artwork, stories of collaborators and advisors, etc).

Thank you all for your support! 


Good news, everyone!

After an extremely hectic couple of weeks, I’m back on track with the Frozen Wastes. 

If you check out chapter one, you’ll find it a bit familiar, but with some subtle changes. As I’ve had a somewhat involuntary break from working on the manuscript, as it’s been churning in my background mental RAM, I’ve been able to finesse and strengthen some key plot and structure points. It’s got me excited because there have been some points in the story that needed beefing up and fleshing out; now I’ve succeeded with that!

I continue to plug away and am able to be more active here on the Inkshares site; please let your friends know about this story; the deadline is coming up on October 13.

Thank you all again for your support - I hope you have a great week!!



As you’ll notice chapter one has been TOTALLY revamped. The chapter you formerly knew as "one" is actually being moved to the right to either chapter 2 or 3...not quite sure yet.

I felt like the character of Perilea needed to be fleshed out a bit more and with the way things were progressing I wasn’t exactly sure how to do that without going back to the beginning. I was getting to the point where I was writing a HUGE exposition dump and I wasn’t a fan of that.

For the overall manuscript I am about 74 pages in now with just over 13,000 words. I’ll have a deeper dive and hopefully more on the site here in terms of story by the end of tomorrow. I have just today and tomorrow left on leave then it’s back to the day job so I’m trying to capitalize on that time by writing my tuchus off and working on publicizing the project.

If you dig what you’ve read so far, please consider pre-ordering (it won’t happen without you!) and sharing with your sci-fi/fantasy friends!

Mahalo for your support - have a great day!


Aloha readers!

Slightly adapted Chapter 1 and brand new Chapter 2 are up! You may have received an email notification about that - and from this past week the project is up to over 4,000 words!

Now, I’m using a bit of a blended method between outlining and freewriting. This is because I need help staying on track and maintaining focus. So even though I’m only over 4,000 words into the manuscript, bear in mind this is the second draft and I’m doing some significant planning as well. I have a monstrous and growing Word document, the bible for not just this story, but the whole 13 part series with the main characters, possible plot points, etc.

There’s also a new YouTube update up - a bit more energetic and informative than the last one. If you dig it, "like" it in YouTube and share it with your friends!


Thanks again for your support - so far we’re up to 5 pre-orders - 745 away from goal, but there is time and I trust what is meant to be will be; I’m just gonna keep on keepin’ on!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing well...

...new bits of manuscript Friday...

After a couple false starts involving vanishing Word docs, I’ve finally got a handle on the file management system with back-up and so hopefully I won’t have to start the book bible from scratch again. Especially now; it’s getting quite extensive. 

I DID start on the manuscript tonight - got a whopping 476 words! I know that’s not a lot, but I got 800 and change in the bible, so in all, over 1200 words going toward the story. And however many is in the chapter posted here and that’s over 2000! Only 48000 to go! Woohoo!

I want to thank you all again for following and supporting and especially for the folks who plunked down the digital cash for the pre-order! That’s really the best kind of support an author can get, I think. Moral support is great, of course, and the support of my wife, giving me time to work on all this, is fantastic. But moral support doesn’t get books published - dolla bills do.

I know I didn’t finish out the project before, but you can rest assured I will finish this time. 
There’s about 88 more days in this campaign...please tell your friends, especially if they like sci-fi/fantasy in the vein of the Weasley twins taking Frodo Baggins to a party at Cair Paravel being DJed by the Doctor and crashed by Kefka.

If you get all those references or know someone who would, this book is DEFINITELY FOR YOU. If you just like the Harry Potter books, Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit and the like, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU. It’s book 1 of 13, so there’s a lot more adventure to be had!

Thanks again - have a wonderful day!


Hello readers! Things ARE progressing well! My first video update is here:


Also, I’ve started selling pre-orders again! As you’re a follower of this book (thank you!) please seriously consider supporting it by ordering a copy. The more the merrier, but one is fun, too!

The video updates will be weekly, but I may also update in here any time during the week.

Thanks again for your support and please share with your friends!


NINE MONTHS... nein! Months!!

Wow - so I’ve been out of the game for quite awhile. I hadn’t quite thrown in the towel, but I dropped it on the floor and kicked it under the locker. Now it’s time to fish it out and wash it and start drying again. Or polishing. Or whatever - the point is ALWAYS HAVE A TOWEL. 

I’ve started work on the novel again; kind of starting over again, kind of not. I’m going to start doing weekly writing updates on my YOUTUBE channel this Friday, July 15. Also I’ll try to keep things going on my blog over at www.thecliffbailey.com. 

Thank you all for sticking around! And thank you to those who have joined up when I wasn’t doing a single thing! The story is not dead and Perilea Greyleaf will have her adventure!


Aloha, hello, and greetings to my 27 readers!

First off, thank you for your support and faith in the project - it's been a hot minute since I've updated ANYTHING and the reasoning is twofold:

FIRST FOLD: the day job has consumed many of my days recently. The Navy requires a certain physical condition of its sailors and as such I've had to literally work my ass off to ensure I meet that requirement. It's not something I'm proud of and excepting my time in high school in marching band weight is something I've always struggled with. I see it now especially as I inch closer and closer to my death. Well, to 40. 40 isn't something I dread and neither is death, but let's face it, we're not any of us getting any younger, eh? As every single moment passes we get older and our bodies change. I'm seeing the slowing of my metabolism. ; So, yeah - getting into shape and trying to maintain has sapped a lot of time and energy so I've not done any work proper on the book for a couple weeks.

SECOND FOLD: I intentionally let the deadline for the Nerdist contest slip by with minimal promotion. As awesome as it was, and as much as it served as a catalyst for my getting back into writing, I didn't want that to be my singular motivation. I think I addressed this in a previous update... So yeah, I let September 30th come and go without as much as an acknowledgement. And congrats to the winners! That's fantastic!

THIRD FOLD: We've already known for a few weeks, but after the first doctor's visit and ultrasound I'm extremely happy and stoked to say my wife and I are expecting our first child!! The experience was surreal...maybe I'll blog about it...but seeing the little gummi bear shape on the monitor and SEEING THE TEENY-TINY HEARTBEAT...holy crap...whenever I stop to really think about it - like now - I start to tear up.... So, that's another bit of excitement and I guess I've just been processing that a bit, and letting it sink in, and dadgum if it isn't just another stick of fuel to add to the fire of getting this book done. 

And that's where it gets weird...like, there are some authors who write just for the money - aren't there? And then there's a flock of authors who say don't write for the money - write for the craft, for the art. That's what I want to do, to be able to write, create, produce films and such because I get so jazzed about the final product and being able to show it to other people and have them be jazzed about it, too. Concurrently, I want to be able to do that for a living - and with me being the main boss. I don't really want to have to answer to anyone except my clients, my audience. I know I don't know everything and I'm not good at everything, but damnit, I know I am good at telling a story. I know that publishing and getting your work out there in front of the eyes that matter is a multi-faceted endeavor and I'll need help. But insofar as doing my work, I want to be the boss of me. The wife is the asst. manager as far as that's concerned, because I want it to also be a significant contributor to the household. Plus, she's smarter than me in many, many ways. Saying all that to say, I do answer to her on a couple things, but she doesn't tell me how to do my stuff, how to live my life and such - and I love that so much about her. 

So, I digress the crap out of that - - what's the point I'm trying to make? I want to be able to create AND make money off of it. That is to say, I want to not have to worry about money, about how the needs of my family will be met AND I want to be able to write and create and all that jazz. Right now, I get a decent paycheck from the US Navy - and I'm grateful, and it's been a groovy 4 years - looking forward to my 5th and final. But, uh - yeah - looking forward to not having to shave everyday, answering to folks who just don't understand (though by and large I am allowed an unusual amount of creativity and autonomy at my job), and other things. So - finding that balance between art and practicality...what is that?

TRUE ART...I think...

Anyway, thanks for sticking around - thanks for your support - we still have 38 days to make this happen, otherwise, I'm SELF-PUBLISHING.



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