Leanne Phillips
Confession: I originally read this because I thought it was called The Frozen Waffles. But glad I did. Sounds great and yay NaNoWriMo winner!
Eric H. Heisner
Keep at those updates and writing Cliff! This is a guy who is ready to do the work to make his dream happen. Grab a copy of The Frozen Wastes.
Monica L. Patton
Secrets from the start, Sleepwalking, magic and science to boot! Sign me up, please!
Stephen Carignan
The Frozen Wastes immediately throw the reader into the story which reveals a wide scope. While this is formatted in a traditional narrative, the imagery and conflict within keep the pages turning. Some of the characters know more than the protagonist, which keeps the narrative moving alone.
Billy O’Keefe
Legend has it that temperatures sink so low there, time itself freezes!