Stephen Carignan
The irony of reading this wonderful story on a computer screen is not lost on me, but there is no way I'm not going to keep reading. With such a unique storyline, the world Berkey has created leaps off the page. If that weren't enough, a compelling protagonist speaks to the bookworm in all of us so much so that magic is created within stories, even as the story is making magic in its own right. I have little doubt I will be passing by The Fable Hunt in store windows.
Barbara Powelson
Enticing! A wonderful premise. The first person point of view draws a reader in and doesn't let go. A first rate read for fantasy buffs and bibliophiles.
Benjamin Pistorius
The Fable Hunt has an enchanting opening and engaging premise. Stories are in danger of extinction. The faeries that capture these stories to be bound and released into the world, come seeking help from two readers. Our introduction to Learid and his world seems to almost mimic a reader’s own seduction of books, little by little and then all at once. The idea that stories might be in danger is exciting and scary for those who love to read. I wait in anticipation of what will come to these heroes on their journey. 
While there are a few spots with confusing sentence structure or typos, overall Rachael Berkey’s writing is strong and clear. The imagery in this book is helps readers to really fall into a world where fairies can hear stories on the air and stories are caught instead of written. The narration is wonderful, and the heroine, Penny, is entertaining. Her first person narration flows from the past, to present and off into the unread future with a natural grace that adds to the feeling of the fairy tale nature of this book. After a round of edits, I don’t believe there will be anything in Rachael’s way of capturing the hearts and imagination of her audience.
A.R Patterson
There is no other way to describe this story than charming. Rachel's writing in first-person is so unobtrusive, that any other perspective other than Penny's would've been wrong. The introduction of Learid and hinting of more from his magical world kept me wanting more. A truly terrific read and exceptionally well crafted. The Fable Hunt's premise is promising, the possibility of the extinction of stories is a scary thought, and I'm just glad that this story was written.
Leanne Phillips
Besides being a great fantasy book, this is the ONLY lady-written book in the top 10! Show her some support, ladies ... and gents! ;)
Amanda Orneck
A gorgeous modern fantasy tale that makes you fall in love with books all over again.
Robert Wren
Check out the video for Ophelia, Doll and see if this book is right for you! I appreciate the support of readers and hope you'll enjoy the available preview chapters enough to consider pre-ordering! Thank you!
Thomas J. Arnold
Great read. See foe yourself.