Brynn Yoder
Chapter 1 is an exciting glimpse into this world. I'll be intrigued to see what Landon discovers as he sails the Artemis.
Christopher Lee
This swashbuckling tale will be sure to stir up your inner adventurer! Who is up for an epic adventure at The Edge of the World? Cause I Am!
Karen Cobill Scott
Love your use of descriptive words.  I could actually visualize and feel the salt spray.  Awesome, Keep it up.

Stephen Carignan
With a beautiful introduction into the world, The Edge of the World gives readers a quick glance at what they should expect reading the rest of the work. The author confidently takes the reader through the sailing terms associated with this world and this firmly matches the writing with the characters, making the story feel at home. I look forward to reading more.
John Robin
A pirate captain abandons his crew to explore the edge of the world -- LOVE this premise!
M. Robert Randolph
Worlds of potential to explore what lies beneath and beyond the edge. Looking forward to it!
Hannah Bigham
Love this. This is the perfect way to introduce a character, and I already want more.