Adam Gomolin

Jason Blum
Jack Bokimble and his shadow are charming. The only thing this book is missing is an accompanying flashlight for each of us to practice our shadow casting.
E.K Jacobs
I love this story! The clever description and the extraordinary characters are wonderful. I would have to say this book is a job well done!
John Leguizamo
If Roald Dahl and Wes Anderson had a baby, the result would be this book. Touching and sentimental but also weird and wacky and very original, DeMonaco’s book will have adults laughing as much as kids. Anyone who ever felt different, unpopular, weird, will relate to Jack’s journey as he grows to accept what makes him so special. Man, I wish I could move things with my shadow – what would be cooler than that?
Ethan Hawke
The Curious Chronicles of Jack Bokimble is a little like it's hero's shadow: so unique it has its own scent - a potent mix of cloud vapor, titanium, Mallomars and a spark of something I've never heard before. All I'm sure of is...I loved it.
Janna Grace
Original concept, characters and, the artwork itself makes Jack Bokimble worth checking this out!
Jeyna Grace
A wonderful treasure find!