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The world of Derrehain is dying.

In the Middenlands, the specter of war looms over all. The armies of Alethia, and those of the Kushan march towards mutual destruction. Far away from the chaos and violence of the outside world, Fionna Cohmwell lives within the idyllic valley of Nin. A peaceful land, Nin is nevertheless drawn into the growing conflict, and though a pacifist by nature, Fionna soon learns she must be willing to fight to protect her home.

Unknown to all, a dire threat is growing in the far and frigid north. The world aches, the land withers, and dies. A sickness deep within the Earth poisons everything it touches, corrupting and twisting life into unnatural abominations, and it is spreading.

As environmental collapse threatens the world, it soon becomes clear that this war is merely a distraction. Powerful figures seek to hide what is truly transpiring, and they are willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands to safeguard their terrible secret. Transformed into something more than what she was; into the last of the Mir Rothai - the Wolf-Riders - Fionna and her wolf-companion, Rew, must embark upon a perilous journey across their war-ravaged lands. Only they can restore the balance of man and nature, but time is running out.

The world of Derrehain is dying.