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To the far north, there is a land called Nin. It is a primordial place, a land removed from time, where the embers of magic still burn with small traces of life. It is there, amidst the mist-draped forests, where dwell the Spirits of the Forest. Ancient guardians that maintain the equilibrium of the world.

Within this strange, mystical place, lives Fionna Cohmwell, Princess of the Comiggial. For times untold, Fionna and her people have dwelled in harmony with the Spirits of the Forest, but that time is over. With the arrival of outsiders to their lands, all is changedAfter a great tragedy befalls her land, Fionna is thrust upon the stage of the world. Though reluctant, she has a destiny that must be fulfilled. Fore she is the last of the Wolf-Riders

Marked by powers beyond her comprehension, and hunted by those that would see her dead, Fionna and Rew must together navigate a series of deadly plots, and nefarious enemies.  The stage is set for a climatic battle that will decide the fate of the world, delivering it either to salvation, or ruin.