It has been such a long time since I've been here to report, to say hello, to wonder how you are. I'm wondering: how are you? Summer -- at least the idea of it -- is gone, and fall, which is lovely here in North Carolina, is not too far away. I'm happy to report that every child in America has a copy of The Cat's Pajamas! Or if they don't I believe that those who do will share with the rest. My experience with Inkshares and with my little book has been so positive and joyous, certainly one of the most pleasant publishing experiences I've ever had. Thank you, guys, gals. 

I'm working on other things now. A novel called Extraordinary Adventures is almost done, and another illustrated book, called Angelologia, is in process. This book aims to be the first in an infinite series of books describing every angel there is in existence. Here is one of them::  Is this drawing as big as it looks here? Jeez, sorry. I have no idea how to make it smaller. 

So, thank you as always for bringing my book into the world. Do it again for some lucky soul.


Picture Amy Barrett · Reader · added over 7 years ago
HI Daniel!   I just ordered a copy of your book!  If you've got spare credits, would you mind supporting my husband's book please? :)  https://www.inkshares.com/projects/it-s-all-fun-and-games?referral_code=c7056649

Jumping right into things . . .The book is an actual book now and most of the backers have received their copies and I could not be happier. This is my first book featuring in equal parts my illustrations and text, and I have a different feeling about it than I've had with my novels. Between you and me, I don't think of The Cat's Pajamas as a children's book (though it is); I think of it as  . . . a book. A book with both sides of my brain in it. Writing, for me, does not come easy: I have high standards for prose which, by now, I should be more comfortable falling short of. But I love to draw, and I'm content with my limitations as a drawer of things. Ladies and gentlemen, these here drawings are about the best I can do and I don't feel the need to do it much betterer. So it is a kid's book, I guess, in that it makes me feel like a kid. Happy.

Hi, folks. We have a cover. I don't know why but this is something to think about: a cover -- the very first thing a bookstore-browsing customer sees -- is the last step in the construction of a book, an illustrated children's book like this, or a novel. There's no reason to make a cover until you have something TO cover, I guess. 

Anyway, this is the cover. On the other side of it is an entire book. Thanks for making it happen.  -- Daniel 

Dw Daniel Wallace · Author · added over 8 years ago
Hi everybody. Just a quick update. The book is nearing completion and it's remarkably wonderful, if I do say so myself. The crackjack pros over at Inkshares have taken some of my pretty skimpy drawings and turned them into a book -- a real book! Here's one the newer drawings.  More soon -- and thanks again!


Dw Daniel Wallace · Author · added over 8 years ago

This is the one that's been cut:

Dw Daniel Wallace · Author · added over 8 years ago
Just a quick update. The crackerjack team of editors and book stylists Inkshares has enlisted to make The Cat's Pajamas the best book it can be has brought so much to the project -- a lot of great new drawing ideas, to start with. But some drawings have also not made the cut. This is one. 
Dw Daniel Wallace · Author · edited almost 9 years ago
Hi Everybody. I'm writing to thank you for putting your faith and your $ behind The Cat's Pajamas and to let you know that we've reached our goal of how ever many millions of dollars we needed to publish this book. I get emails every time someone contributes and I enjoy getting those emails a lot. Maybe I'll get some more. With help from Inkshares I'm editing the book now, and working on some new drawings. I don't know if reaching the goal means they don't need any more money or that if they did get some more they could make a special gold-plated edition. You'll have to ask them, but as for me I'm happy. Thank you for contributing, for making this happen, every last one of you.
 Sincerely, Daniel

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