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The synapses sounds so cool! I really want to read the first chapter and see what this book is about!

Another day, another chapter. Today I proudly present the continued story of Dr. Vincent and his research assistant, Edward Howell. Their experimental procedure, while a relative success, is nearing the end of its funding, and the pressure has started to affect them both. While Edward tries to look toward the future, Vincent is resistant to change and unable to do what his assistant views as necessary. So far, "Tracing the Synapse" has focused on Calvin and Amelia as they try to traverse the different worlds and restore the seal between Realms. However, if Calvin were to face a difficult challenge, it would certainly be noticeable by his doctor, right? What will Vincent do to ensure Calvin, his last chance to prove his procedure is perfected, wakes up? Keep checking back to see how it unfolds.

I vowed to write more than any other entry, and I plan to follow through. I entered this competition without any clue as to whether or not I would find an audience. Understandably, I am thrilled that so many of you would take an interest in "Tracing the Synapse" and wish for its success. Thank you to all those who have pre-ordered. To all my followers, please continue to read and provide any thoughts you have. I’ll update with another chapter soon. 

As promised, I have added another chapter for your viewing pleasure. The new chapter lays some groundwork for where Calvin and Amelia are headed and how the events in Accord Village have influenced them. If you are looking forward to more Dr. Vincent and the Perownes, don’t worry. I will be adding another chapter that focuses on them shortly. While I will continue to post additional chapters, be cognizant of the fact that I will edit and revise sections as the contest progresses. The main themes and plot points will persist. I will simply be tidying up dialogue, adding/removing scene and character descriptions, or fixing those illusive grammatical errors.

Each day that passes, I am more excited about what is to come. My goal is to write more than any other entry, so you can know exactly what you are supporting. Check back often, share "Tracing the Synapse," and feel free to ask questions, comment or criticize. Utilize the unique platform Inkshares is and be involved in the story!

"Tracing the Synapse" is the first story I have ever shared publicly. Some of you have read how Calvin’s journey unfolds and seen the difficulties that lie ahead for Dr. Vincent. For that, I am extremely grateful and hope you enjoyed it so far. However, some of my friends have told me I have shared too much. The premise is engaging enough and, by writing more than many other entries, I have revealed my hand prematurely. I couldn’t disagree more. 

My story is both fantasy and science fiction. Each world that Calvin and Amelia visit is different from the one they visited before, and the differences change how Calvin’s memories interact, so the video games he fondly remembers begin to collide and create brand new worlds. Yes, some aspects are shared - the characters, the central plot, and the history of the world itself (Gods of Three, the Ethereal Realm, etc.) - but if I were to reveal only the premise and a short excerpt, I would do a disservice to the readers I have asked to support me. 

I firmly believe that Inkshares is not a platform in which a skill in deception is required. If I were to ask for your support, but decide to hide my writing style, to hide who my characters are, or to hide my ability to deliver a final product worthy of your support, I would be asking you to support me based on nothing more than your own imagination. I have read countless premises and thought of all the subjectively amazing ways in which the stories could have been executed. Sometimes, I have been sadly disappointed by the final work. We all know that feeling. However, it is a fantastic feeling when you discover an author who takes an idea and crafts something original and imaginative. The last thing I want is for a reader to support me and be disappointed by the result. 

As such, I will continue to share more of my story as it is completed. You may read a few pages and decide it is not for you. I am genuinely glad I wrote enough to allow for an informed decision. After all, an uninformed pre-order is evidence that I have failed you as an author and convinced you to believe in me instead of my work. For those of you who have either pre-ordered based on what you saw or decided to follow the project, I will share more to ensure your support is earned. Thank you for believing in "Tracing the Synapse."

Thank you for the tremendous support! "Tracing the Synapse" has tripled its number of followers in the last two days. Writing has progressed nicely, and I will have chapter 2, another 8-10k words, completed by the end of the week. Chapter 2 begins a journey into Calvin’s video game memories from 1997-2001: PS1, N64, Gameboy, Dreamcast and early PS2. How will his memories alter the world he set up in chapter one? Will Dr. Vincent encounter complications arising from Calvin’s experiences? You have to pre-order to find out! To those that have already pre-ordered, thank you, and I hope to share what I’m writing with you soon.

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I can already see some of my favorite SNES games in the first chapter! I can’t wait to see what games you tackle in the other worlds!

While "Tracing the Synapse" has yet to gain a large following, I have not been dissuaded. Two-thirds of the book has been completely outlined, and my writing has remained at a steady pace. I am on track to finish at least half the promised 310 pages by the end of the contest. Thank you for following me thus far. Your support is definitely appreciated.