Patrick Jamison
The Amaranth Chronicles: Deviant Rising is a richly-detailed space opera. The enthusiasm of Alexander and Christopher is infectious, as is their love of their series and the universe they’ve created — and for me, that’s as important as a gripping plot and sharp writing. This book has it all. I also love all of the concept art — it’s amazing and really helps me visualize the story.
Thomas J. Arnold
Running from fond yet sorrowful reminiscence, to the stresses of starship maintenance, and finally to a good bit of fast paced sci-fi action, this book definitely has a good range. Well written throughout the chapters presented here give me just enough to really want to know more about these characters, the universe they live in, and the events that are unfolding.
Stephen Carignan
The way the authors describe the technology in the world not only make it seem like a fully realized place -- the description of the work can tell you that is definitely true -- but the story feels comfortable in its own skin. Characters' memories reveal their rich backstory and I look forward at what's to come.               
Kirsty L Jennings
This book has it all! It's sci-fi with detailed world building, fantastic concept art (which you must take a look at for that alone) immersive characters and a storyline that is very promising that it will draw you in for more.
Kristi Watson
Holy shit! I read and enjoyed your first edition, but this new rewrite had me sitting on the edge of my seat! My jaw was clenching tighter and tighter  as I read! I could feel the monsters intense evil and power. Damn, give me the next chapter, now!!!
I own a copy of the original and loved it...looking forward to the Amaranth chronicles
Dave Barrett - Author of It's All Fun and Games
I love a good space opera and this looks like it's going to deliver.  The characters are interesting and diverse enough that when they all get together (as I imagine they will), their interactions are going to be pretty entertaining, for sure.  I'm looking forward to reading the completed work!
Andrew J. Ainsworth
Eloquently written. Engages all five senses. Author has a way with words. The elegant descriptions create the fairy tale feel you might remember from the books and stories of your childhood, but the setting is one of sci-fi. Looking forward to reading more.
Christopher Huang
The production quality is slick and professional, and the content promises to be great fun as well. Sci-fi afficionados ought to love this.
Abigail Burton and Autumn Gass
Hold on just a minute - look at this collection of beautiful words and don't you dare DARE look away. You need to read this because THIS is going to be a best seller. Go Amaranth Chronicles.