James Rasile
Really like this concept! Check it out.
M. B. Robbins
What a cool concept! I am officially intrigued.
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
Absolutely fantastic!This story flowed right to perfection!Genuinely a great read!You DEFINITELY have a Fan HERE!!!
Nice work!Never stop weaving your Tales!
Yicheng Liu
I had never really read much space opera, so I can't really say I'm an expert in this genre. But this book, presents space in such a way that it's almost impossible to resist being pulled into this world! I like my science-fiction books have a bit of a realistic look at things added with a dash humor, no matter how tiny. This book says all that and more! I would highly recommend it to the avid lovers of science fiction and space as it takes you on a journey that, judging from the excepts, seem to be pretty amazing.
Bryn Hagan
I love the sound of this so far. The idea of outliving our star, of finding a solution. My imagination captured already.
Ricky Dragoni
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Yicheng Liu
Space opera is a brilliant genre. This author promises his readers a magnificent journey into space! My educated opinion on space: it's cool. :)
Brian Guthrie
Intriguing concept.
Interesting concept, looking forward to reading this.