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I wonder who is in charge of that kind of thing? Maybe worth bringing up on the Goodreads thread, if someone hasn’t already...
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Sarah I feel the same way. I’ve been wanting to find all the graphic novel projects for a while now, but it’s nearly impossible.
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Indeed, it drives me CRAZY that you can’t search by genre in here! I mean, I read all genres and am happy to consider pitches by anyone, but it would be nice to connect with those writing similar things to me, even if I don’t make my support exclusive...

We hit 150 readers/supporters. 150 people of exquisite taste. Nice. I think that deserves a surprise.

Have some more story.

Hello Rebels, and you Royalist dogs.

Update time!

Sold a couple more books today and have been doing the social media thing. I’m excited about that. Finn and I will be doing  more marketing in the coming weeks as the edit reaches the final stages. So feel free to come bug us on our Facebook page and watch sparks fly between Snake and Heinrich on their twitter feeds in the coming weeks. Pick a side . . .  Snake  For the Rebel underdogs or Heinrich for the Royal greater good. 

Because it’s mid week, we sold a couple of books and are within a hair’s whisker of hundred readers; with most of the book now complete we’ll be adding more material for you to read and enjoy. Last update something invisible just messed up Dr Gillette, get ready for more thrills as we we start to amp up the action part of this scifi adventure.

I hope you enjoy, and we can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate our readers getting the word out about the project. I truly means a lot if this project is going to get off the ground.


Epic Update time Rebels!

Finn and I have been REALLY busy. So busy in fact we haven’t had time to thank all of our supporters and followers. So here’s a big thank-you from the both of us. Shortly followed by some new and extra material being added for your reading pleasure. 

What have we been doing?
Glad you asked. After taking some feedback from our half dozen alpha readers we set ourselves some pretty big goals for developing the MS. We wanted to get the bulk of this done before we concentrate on marketing. Remember our goal is to make this the best damned story we can. Here’s a rundown. 
  • We decided to gender swap two of the characters. This involved a search and destroy mission for a truckload of he’s she’s himself herself etc and swap them around. (By doing so we inadvertently created a slight homoerotic overtone to one scene which was funny to fix). 
  • We also decided to remove the chapter headings for stylistic reasons and add some weirdly revealing location tags.
  • We added a minor supporting character or three and wrote additional scenes for some of the main characters.
  • We added a subplot to heighten action at the 3/4 mark of the novel.
 Are we finished?
We have big ’ol chunk of it done. After editing like mad, I’ve declared the first third of the book done. We’re not looking to fiddle with it again until the helpful staff at Girl Friday productions start pointing out things. We set ourselves a goal to get these changes bedded down by the end of the month and we are well on our way to achieving that. Half a dozen more sleepless nights and we can start marketing more seriously. So now we have lots of text to reveal for you getting the word out about this project. In addition to our prizes of your name in the second book and a nifty piece of artwork. 

What’s next?
We’re going to make pests of ourselves, whenever and wherever we can. I’d like to hear from other Authors about what’s worked for them, but really we need exposure. So if you read the new chapters and want to read the rest . . . help our dream come true and tag someone on Facebook. Show people who you think might be interested. Dead tree or bust rebels dead tree or bust.

All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing well...

King Heinrich @Suffrageroyal has been relentlessly tracking down Snake @Suffrageworld through the internet via Twitter.  They've bantered, they've traded verbal blows.  Follow along as the chase continues.  

Soon, those blows won't be verbal.

They each do a good bit of updating via Facebook as well,


Don't miss out!

--Julian and Finn

Hello Rebels! Update Time!

Well the Sword and Laser the sequel contest is over and Suffrage languishes with the crowd the winners left in their dust. To the three winners, CONGRATULATIONS! 

Finn and I will try and pick your brains about the most successful ways you you sourced pre-orders. I found the contest a great learning experience, but my initial feeling that we weren't ready seems to be true. Oh well, keep moving forward.

So what have we been doing?

Surviving on only a few hours of sleep a night as we've built things, learned things, edited things, discussed things and generally been whirlwinds of activity. The manuscript is about 75% edited. It's really coming together and something that we are very proud of. We've had three readers reach the end and the feedback has been great. 

We've had...

  • ;
  • ...Phenomenal description, eating it up with a spoon...
  •  and...The first section of this chapter, the (snip spoilers), had me completely transported, transfixed, and utterly enthralled...(snip)...it's a truly wonderful narrative cocktail.  

Both Finn and I are logical and perfectionists, and we have the whole Bah humbug social media skill set. So we've concentrated on polishing the novel, concentrated on the artwork, getting social media happening like Facebook pages, twitter accounts, etc...learning how to use them...basically all the things we should have lined up before starting a campaign or entering the contest.  

We've made a commitment to spend the next couple of months (once the edit bits are over) in marketing the heck out of this. Because we both want to move forward with the second book, throw #amwriting hashtags up on facebook and twitter and throw more sand into the sandpit. 

Well that's all for now, congratulations once again to the contest winners, next update will most likely be when we finish the edit process.

Julian and Finn

Die-hard Rebels, Royal Citizens prepare yourselves for an update!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Best wishes for a happy and successful 2016 to everyone.

Despite the holiday whirlwind of family activities, Finn and I have still managed to continue work on the project. Hampered by our mutual bah humbug attitude to social media, we have nevertheless managed to do mysterious electronic things in Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus. Not sure if any of it is working just yet, but we are doing them. We might not be doing them well, but hey, baby steps.

We did manage to get that Author interview up and running. You can check it out HERE and while you are there, investigate Melanie's Starwalker web-series. It's good stuff. 

There was also another mini-project we did and attempted to upload to the Suffrage project page.  It looks like we did everything correctly, but the book trailer is not displaying on the project page. Razza frazza. We did manage to upload the trailer onto the Facebook page and the Google plus community page, and Snake tweeted about it. See baby steps... 

So for all of you backers and readers... please enjoy OUR FABULOUS NEW BOOK TRAILER. Share it around on social media (I'm sure you'll do a much better job than us), and tell us what you think of it. 

That's all for now, back to the editing process.

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So we've got this artist....

Turns out, he's pretty good.  He's not the half of the team who did the cover art, but he IS the half that did the amazing work that's now posted on our Facebook page.  These are very preliminary sketches, and a few more will follow in the coming weeks.  For now though, rest assured that this same artist will be completing the projects which will become goal rewards as well as illustrate certain portions of the finished novel. 

Yes.  This is a production.  We're pulling out all the stops.  Tell your friends, tell your siblings, tell your cat.  It's going to be amazing.  To show you how much so, we've put a few teasers on the Facebook page to whet everyone's appetites.

Stay tuned.