Part 2 The Rise

Sub-Illusions Presents: Lucifer's Red written by Anthony. K. Savage

Part 2

The Rise.

Page 1 - 6 Panels

Writers Note: Hell is like a dark High tech storage facility. ( refer to the system in retcon for tech)

Panel1: The Interior of a long hallway with a Storage facility like layout. Door at the end of the hallway has a sign over the garage like door ( PHL101) Stands for " Project Hell level 1 Unit 01" Other doors in Hallway have corresponding signs.

Panel 2: The Same hallway opposite view with Old Lucifer walking down the hall towards the camera.

Panel 3. Birds eye over the shoulder view of Old Lucifer imputing an access code into a panel .

Panel 4: Mid shot of Old Lucifer is doing a type of retinal scan but using his scars.

Panel 5: Partial 3 quarter side view of Lucifer Looking into the unit. the only thing that can be seen is a bright light coming from the unit.

Panel 6: Rear view of Old Lucier . His head is hung low as he looks over his shoulder towards the camera as he closes the unit.

Old Lucifer: " Where were we?"

Page 2   -7 Panels

Panel 1: Worms eye view of ashes falling from Young Lucifer’s hands. He's still in his form from the end of Issue One. In the background are some of the other fallen angels. Including Ruth.

Panel 2: Lucifer stares at his hands over taken with His new power.

Panel 3: Close up of Lucifer’s face.

Panel 4: Another close up of Lucifer’s face. He is now less pleased with his power, and is slowly transforming back to his regular form.

Panel 5: Lucifer is looking down into the water at his reflection.

Panel 6: Lucifer is facing the Ocean as the sun is setting.


Panel 7: Lucifer stands with a remorseful look on his face.

Lucifer: " I'm not going to patronize you. The chance that we'll see home again is slim to none.

Page 3  -4 Panels

Panel 1: Lucifer is in the foreground. The other angels are in teh background.

Lucifer: " But our mission isn't over. we were created with a purpose.

Panel 2: Slight birds eye view as Lucifer walks throughout the crowd of Angels as they begin to part like the red sea.

Lucifer: " We may have fallen , but we are still Messengers of the Creator!"

Panel 3: Lucifer is in the background with Angels on either side of him, as per last panel. Behind him a jungle, or forest (Jurassic era) establishing the new world.

Lucifer. Unlike our Brethren that look down on us. We are special

Panel 4 Side profile of Lucifer.

Lucifer: " We possess not just the will of the Creator, but our own free will. Which We will use to shape this world as we always have, and always will.

Page 4  -5 Panels

Panel 1: Same shot as Panel 3 on previous page, but closer in on Lucifer with a stern look on his face.

Lucifer: " I will only say this once."

Panel 2: Lucifer crouches down to Pick up sand/dirt.

Lucifer: "If you so choose. You may leave, and I will bare you no ill will, nor will I offer you any protection."

Panel 3: Lucifer in the foreground still crouched down. A Group of angels in the background looking at each other as they take in what they are being told.

Lucifer: " Cross My path or interfere with my plans even once..."

Panel 4: Close up of Lucifer’s face, or just his eyes, or even one eye, which ever will make the scar on his face glowing look more intimidating.

Panel 5: Lucifer is standing up wiping the dirt from his hands. In the background some of the fallen Angels walk off into the wilderness, while others stay behind. Ruth among those who remain

Page 5  -7 Panels

Panel 1: Lucifer is in the foreground. The remaining Angels Including Ruth are in the background.

Lucifer: " the rest of you go. Scout this new world of ours, and see what remaining dimension we have access to.

Panel 2: A Mid shot of Ruth ,and the other Angels.

Lucifer: “I will contact you when I need you."

Ruth: “How are we to access the other dimensions without our wings?"

Panel 3: Mid shot close up to Lucifer looking over his shoulders. His scars are mildly glowing.

Lucifer: " You saw what I am now capable of . Figure it out!"

Panel 4: The other Angels leave into the wilderness, except for Ruth.

Panel 5: Ruth walks toward Lucifer. Lucifer knows she's there, but not really paying her any attention.

Panel 6: Same as panel 5, but Ruth is closer now.

Lucifer: " I thought I told you to Gather Intel on our new place of exile?"

Panel 7: same as panel 6, now Ruth is side by side with Lucifer.

Ruth: " I am."

Page 6+7  -15 Panels

Panel1: Close up on Ruth. She has a matter of fact look on her face.

Ruth: " We are on a planet that will one day be called Earth . I believe we are in it's Jurassic period. It has one single land mass, and the Dominate species are Dinosaurs."

Panel 2: Mid partial birds eye view of Lucifer and Ruth

Ruth:" And we're trapped here, because except for you we've got no God Dammed Wings!"

Panel 3: Close up if Lucifer’s eyes. his scars begin to shine, and eminate with power.

Panel 4-5-6: Lucifer grabs Ruth , and picks her up and hurls her through a tree, and into a mountain. and charges towards her as she flies through the air.


Panel 7: Close up of Lucifer Pinning Ruth to the mountain. She's getting angry, and a demonic like power begins to emanate from her.

Lucifer: " Don't you know you should fear me?!?"

Panel 8: Close up of Ruth’s face. She's transformed more. ( note: Ruth’s current final form will have horns and a tail, but overall will remain sexy, and demonic wings of course.)

Ruth: “Morning star I will follow you into battle, or lead youre army."

Panel 9: Ruth explodes into her final form, knocking Lucifer back.

Panel 10: Ruth knocks Lucifer into the air. He Crashing through a pterodactyl, or some other flying dinosaur.

Ruth: " But I will let NO ONE keep me beneath their heel!"

Panel 11: Lucifer is in mid air with his Demonic wings out. With an arrogant smirk revealing he meant to get her riled up.

Lucifer: " Good."

Panel 12-13: Lucifer flies towards Ruth Like a bullet.

Panel 14-15: Big explosion ending in a mushroom cloud.


Panel 15: Lucifer and Ruth are laying in a giant crater as the smoke clears with Lucifer on top of Ruth.

Page 8+9   -8 panels

Panel 1: Close up of Lucifer laying on Ruth looking into each other’s eyes.

Ruth: When I decided to follow you I knew the consequences. I also knew whatever you chose to do would be the Creators will. Free will or otherwise."

Lucifer: “Looks like I found my second in command."

Panel 2: Over the shoulder shot of Ruth. Lucifer’s back is to the camera. Ruth is still surging with raw demonic energy.

Ruth: " I feel so powerful, and alive. How do I control it?!?

Panel 3-4 Lucifer helps Ruth up, and pulls her into his arms.

Panel 5: Mid shot close up of Lucifer holding Ruth in his embrace. He's looking into her eyes . His scars begin to shine again.

Panel 6: Lucifer and Ruth kiss, and begin to return to their normal form.

Panel 7: Ruth is looking up into Lucifer’s eyes.

Lucifer: “The energy is raw, and powerful. If you don't control it; you will lose yourself and it will overtake you. Always hold on to who you truly are."

Panel 8-9-10: Pan out with each panel showing more of the fallout showing the entire landscape of Pangaea. with a crater in the center. showing a slight crack forming in the crater

Page 10: Single page splash

Splash: The angels that chose not to follow Lucifer are in the foreground looking out in the distance above the trees. They can see the mushroom cloud from the fallout of Lucifer and Ruth’s tussle. they are angry and start to tap into their Demonic power.

Caption: Lucifer!

Page 11  -5 Panels

Panel 1:old Lucifer is in his office. He's slightly startled from the message coming in . On panel will be a " Holophone" . think I phone face time feature, but as if the person were there, but a smaller holographic version. possibly coming from a hole in the wall or Lucifer’s desk. your choice how you want to show it. It's a Hologram of Purple Haze.

Holo Haze: "Lucifer! I request your assistance!"

Panel 2: Old Lucifer is yelling at Hazes Hologram. Holo Haze is not phased even remotely. She has a " Oh grandpa" look on her face.

Lucifer: "Huh?!? What?!? Dammit Haze! I thought I told you not to sneak up on me like that!"

Haze: " It's Director Haze, and you forgot to sign off on the Good Doctors Re-absorption process"

Panel 3: Slight worms eye view. In the foreground is Holo Haze. In the background is Old Lucifer still being cranky as a goat.

Lucifer: " Like Hell I did. That sick son of a bitch is staying put!"

Holo Haze: " We need to optimize space. he's taking up room , and resources I need!"

Panel 4: Same shot this time reversed with Lucifer in the foreground and Hologram Haze in the background. Haze is noticeably frustrated. Old Lucifer is being cocky and smug.

Lucifer: " To bad! You may run THE SYSTEM Director Haze, but Hell is my domain.

Panel 5: Mid shot close up of Old Lucifer with a determined look on his face.

Lucifer:"I made a promise to myself that that piece of excrement will experience every once of pain he has ever caused from every possible version of himself from every possibly Dimension. For ETERNITY!"

Page 12  -4 panels

Panel 1: Partial Birds eye view of Hologram Haze.

Haze: "Fine I'll let it go for now. I also need you help with the Messiah Template."

Panel2: Side view of Hologram Haze talking to Old Lucifer.

Lucifer:" Again?!?"

Haze: " The algorithms don't seem to be functioning properly."

Lucifer: “So"

Haze: “So if the algorithms don't function properly the cycle will seize up destroying all of of ETERNITY!"

Panel 3: Close up of Old Lucifer with a raised eyebrow of Interest.

Lucifer:" Fine send me your report, and I'll check the numbers."

Panel 4: Old Lucifer has his hand to his head due to the stress of it all.

Lucifer: “Now where was I? Oh yea...

Pg13  -5 Panels

Panel1: Young Lucifer is in the foreground looking out into the distance. Ruth is in the background.

Ruth: "Ok so once the others return, then what?"

Panel 2: Same view as panel 1, but closer in . Lucifer is squinting his eyes

SFX: Rustle,. (happening off panel)

Lucifer:" Once we know what we have access to we establish a base of operation."

Panel 3: Shot of the Jungle

SFX: Rustle

Panel 4: Same shot as Panel 3 with glowing eyes showing from the shadows of the jungle.

Panel 5: Same view as panel 1. Ruth is closer to Lucifer. Lucifer is now in a defensive posture. His scars on his face are glowing.

Lucifer: " Time to see what you've learned."

Ruth: " Huh?"

pg 14-15   -15 panels

Panel 1: The Rival fallen Angels are in their partial Demonic forms. They’re Lunging toward the camera from the backdrop of Jungle.

Panel 2: Lucifer is in the foreground in a defensive stance as one of the Rival fallen Angels Lunges towards him

Panel 3: Lucifer redirects the rival fallen angels force, hurling him through the trees.

Panel4: The rival angel continues to hurl; through the trees, clearing a path.

Panel 5: Two of the rival angels corner Ruth.

Panel 6: Ruth laughs in an evil manner

Ruth:" HA Ha Ha!!!"

Rival Angel: " What are you laughing at ?!?"

Panels 7-8-9: Ruth transforms into her full demonic form from panel 7-9. showing it gradually , or body part by body part.

Panel 10: Ruth is in her full Demonic form. with wings spread.

Ruth: " Just at what you chose to squander your gift of free will on. Dumb asses!"

Panel 11: Ruth is in the foreground. The rival angels in the background re-thinking their choice.

Rival Angel: " What's an ass?

Ruth: “Wow! You were really low on the totem pole”

Panel 12: Ruth grabs one of the rival angels by the throat.

Panel 13: Ruth has the angel by the throat. She is facing the camera. She bitch slaps the other Rival Angel with her tail as the other rival angel tries to sneak up on her.

Panel 14: Slight birds eye view of Ruth making short order of the rival angels. she is looking towards Lucifer as the remaining rival angels attempt to aproach him from behind.

Ruth: "Look out!"

Panel 15: A rival angel is holding each of his arms, as the rival angel he hurled into the trees walks towards him.

Page 16-17  -10 Panels

Panel1-4: The Rival Angels are beating up Lucifer. With every hit he laughs harder

Lucifer( panel1-4)" ha ha! Ha Ha! HA HA! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Panel 5: Lucifer is on the ground bleeding with a smile on his face. His scars are shining brightly.

Panel 6: Lucifer begins to transform.

Panel 7 : close up of Lucifer still not fully transformed.

Lucifer: " Is that it. Is that the best you can do?!?"

Panel 8: The Angel he hurled into the trees is standing over him. Hitting him

hurled Rival angel: " Oh no it's the Morning Star! The creators right hand! Oh wait he isn't anymore. He's just like us!"

Panel 9: Hurled angel Kicks Lucifer.

Hurled rival Angel: "Just another disgraced Messenger of The creator! We foolishly followed you only to be cast out of Heaven. Now look who's in charge!

Say something dammit!"

Panel 10: close up of Lucifer’s eyes with his scars shining even brighter.

pg 18 splash page

Splash: Lucifer is transformed into his full Demonic form knocking the other angels back, and to the ground

pg 19   -12 panels

Writers note: Lucifer in full Demonic form is in the center, and surrounding him in each panel is one of his fallen angels in a corresponding time, and dimension. some can be in there original angel garb, some can be wearing clothes of the time period., but the background should match the time period, and or dimension. the order of the panels don't matter other than Lucifer being at the center,. in each panel each of the fallen angels eyes are demonically glowing.

panel1 World war 1 era

Panel 2: World War 2 era

Panel 3 Vietnam era

Panel 4: current era, with Bin laden in back round

Panel 5: Korea with a Kim Jung ill, or un in background

panel 6 : Zombie apocalypse future

Panel 7: Digital futuristic era

Panel 8: Urban modern day neighborhood

Panel 9: tribal culture

Panel 10: Bush era white house

Panel 11: Obama era white house

Pg 20 single page splash

Splash: Wide shot view of Lucifer in full D-man/Devil mode surrounded by portals opening all around him with his legion of fallen angels coming though. the ground is ablaze, and the rival angels are horrified, at the fact that they are outnumber and surrounded.

Lucifer: “MY TURN!!!"

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