Gabriel Munoz
Hello Friends. I have a synopsis up for my novel Striver. It's Gatsby meets Wold of Wall street, during the Big Short. Follow if you are interested. Thanks!
Eric H. Heisner
This book looks to be a finely tuned story about the thrills and pitfalls of life in the fast lane.  Can't wait to read more and find out if the main character keeps climbing the ladder of success before it crumples or goes back to the simple life of growing lettuce!               
James Rasile
Well thought out, rich characters, in an intriguing/refreshing story! As a lover of wine I love the set up for what's the come and look forward to seeing where these characters go and how the story unfolds. Check this promising book out!
A. White
This book is very interesting. it does remind me of the Great Gatsby's main character, Jay Gatsby.
A. White
I think if anyone liked the Great Gatsby, they will love this story. It's like a modern day version of it.But more wolfish and daring.
Bill Evans
I should start out by saying that this is not my chosen genre and my mind tends to wander when I read something out of my interests. That stated, I have to say that I was able to fully visualize the characters and the world as they experienced it. Often times when I read, I tend to skip around as I try to find the point the author is guiding me toward. Guiding of course being the operative word. Some writing feels like you are on a tour of a famous old house, with someone pointing out the bathroom where persons of influence and importance of the era dropped the kids off at the pool.That was not the case here. The writing just happened; descriptions lent well to the imagination without clubbing you to brain death and the dialogue flowed throughout in a very organic way. It gave me the sense of reading classic works of fiction.Overall I really liked it, maybe put a dragon or a sword fight in there someplace to help a fantasy reader out.

Karen Kenyon
I'm hooked! What does a young, innocent and ambitious man do when confronted with the realities of the corrupt, controlling elite? This is a pertinent theme wrapped in an engrossing storyline, and I can't wait to read more!
Rebecca Clark and Jayme Beddingfield
Well written and intriguing! Can't wait for more!
Nathaniel Chase
Exciting first chapter, well written and engaging. Please post another chapter.                
Nathaniel Chase
In Striver, there is a story that transcends the locale, and class. This should be a very good read from the look of things.