Fernando Crôtte
Pirate fun! Aye! - Allison expertly sets the scene and the tone right from the start. Engaging!
Michael Cooper
Great first chapter!  The family dynamic creates a lot of inner tension.  There are delicious complications to Thoster's motivations, and promises of conflict in the future.  Thoster reminds me of Locke, from FFVI.  I like him already.
Michael Burton
I'd say this is my favourite amongst the top ten G&S entries so far.
Charlie Allen
This is an excellent beginning to, what promises to be, a captivating tale! If you have ever enjoyed a fantasy novel then you will enjoy this book.
Jamison Stone
A Fantasy novel set on the high seas, you say? As author of 'Rune of the Apprentice' this is obviously a huge passion for me and I am excited to see how the story of Storm Song unfolds! (Awesome cover, btw!)
Matt Harry
Well-written and well-realized. I look forward to reading more about Thoster and Merrowport!
Chrissy Cook
A promising opening! With strong characterizations and an engaging, descriptive writing style, this one's a keeper!
I've been lucky enough to get to read Allison's work for years, including other adventures of title character, pirate-bard Thoster Chatwyn - and I know that she is not only an amazing writer, but that he deserves to have his story told!
Joseph Keeler
Talk about a thunderous opening! It was a real SHocker! really sparked my interest! Im done with the puns i promise. Definitely a book to keep your eye on.
Alisa King
I was immediately pulled in the moment I started diving into Thoster's world. Fantastic writing! I'm definitely keeping my eyes on this one throughout the G&S contest!