John Robin, author of Blood Dawn
The world Andrew Wood takes us to with this story is superb and believable. It's a tough act to establish a storm as an antagonist, but Wood does a great job of creating real extensions of this storm that give it a tangible, menacing presence, a la George R. R. Martin's White Walkers or Jordan's Myrdraal. In fact, the mood and tone very much conjured the familiar world of Wheel of Time, where instead of a dark one we have a menacing storm that is just as terrifying. This is fine epic fantasy and I very much hope to see this book in print so I can read it in its entirety.
Tabi Card
Well-written and intricate, this book puts the Epic in Epic Fantasy. The characters leap off the page, you feel the power of Fury, and each sentence is a skillfully crafted masterpiece that makes this book a contestant in fantasy for well-known works like Eragon and The Belgariad.
Yicheng Liu
This is an epic book really have the potential to be enjoyable! Great prose; opening lines that leave readers wanting to know more. This is wonderful! You don't need to look deep to find what the author had done right. I would highly recommend it to the good folks out there searching for a smart read.
Lisa Shumaker
Storm of Fury has a gripping beginning and an awe-inspiring setting . A young man must face god's fury unleashed on mankind in the form of a supernatural storm with nothing more than a bow and arrow and his courage and faith.  The author's writing is reminiscent of a young Brandon Sanderson, especially his Way of Kings series. A good book for both adults and younger readers. If this were on the shelf of my bookstore, I would buy it.
Byron Gillan
Excellent world-building, great characters, a strong voice, and an engaging story make this one of the best Fantasy epics currently available on Inkshares! Highly recommended for any and all fans of the genre. 
Amanda Orneck
A dynamic, immersive fantasy tale, Storm of Fury tells the story of a young soldier living in a land that must constantly battle a storm sent by a vengeful god.  The world is compelling and easy to get lost in, although after reading I am still not clear on how one fights a storm. The characters are believable and interesting, and I look forward to learning more about these people and how they intend on winning an endless war.This book is for those who love epic weather-based fantasy tales based on ancient mythologies.
Thomas J. Arnold
A wonderfully immersive example of what epic fantasy should be. Whether describing the fury of a divinely created storm, the horror of monsters and titans, or the love of pastries shared by father and son soldiers it does so in a fast paced but highly detailed way. It will leave you wanting to know more about what are both highly developed characters and a highly detailed world. I can't wait to read the entire book.
Reader Writer
Exceptional! Sensational! A must read for sure!
Tony Valdez
A supernatural storm created by a raging deity. Epic fantasy at its finest!
John Robin
A storm as an antagonist. Now this is one fascinating fantasy novel! The writing is also exquisite!