About the Story

Part "Ready Player One", part "Redshirts", part "Old Man’s War", and part "The Forever War".

When humans poked their heads out of the solar system for the first time they ran right into another species every bit as aggressive and bent on expansion as themselves. It didn’t take long before an incident around a neutron star in a distant unremarkable system started a full blown shooting war. Greatly outnumbered humans found themselves defending against a full blown space invasion. With limited resources they had to find a way to fight back.

Nolan is one of the 2600; 2600 mostly expendable clones able to download their experiences into new bodies with the push of a button. When Nolan dies in combat he just wakes up in a fresh body and returns to the battle. Their enemy is just as relentless. And cunning. Constantly adapting and upgrading their technology and tactics with wave after wave of attackers. Assigned to Midway Station it’s a never ending struggle for Nolan’s squad to keep up the fight and protect humankind from the invaders.

However, as the decades go by Nolan starts to lose himself in the never ending cycle of fight – die – get a new life. How long has it been since the Space War started? Can he even trust his memory after being copied so many times? The long years appear to have taken a toll on the enemy as well. Their attacks aren’t as frequent and their tactics have become fairly static. The exhausted part of Nolan’s soul thinks it’s finally time to broker a cease fire with the invaders. But the soldier in him knows this is the time for a counter attack. One that could wipe out the invaders once and for all.

Nostalgia, Memories, and History

Games today have elaborate backstories but the first games were mysteries. Haven’t you ever wondered where the Space Invaders came from? Why do all the alien ships line up in formation? This is my interpretation of the backstory behind the classic arcade games of my youth.

I grew up during the early days of the video console. SpaceWars. Asteroids. Space Invaders. And definitely Galaga! I begged my parents for quarters and played right along as the industry and games evolved. Games today are still good, but they’re different. I admit a pang of nostalgia for the old video arcades. Writing and researching this story brings back all the joy of those childhood days and gives it new life.

In working on the story I’ve also been doing research on the original games. I find the history of the arcade games to be fascinating. Where possible I’ve tried to include aspects of this history directly or through Easter eggs. Enjoy!