Dear Spirited Readers,

I’m writing to thank you all for the lovely comments, follows and recommendations so far. I’m about to submit the first 50 pages of Spectral to the Tracking Board Contest and your support so far has given me the confidence to do so. 

Some of you may be aware of a second Inkshares contest going on with Geek and Sundry. I’ve considered entering my draft, but for now I want to focus on finishing the story and continuing to build a reader community on the site before I open it for pre-orders.

That being said, if you are following the Geek and Sundry contest, might I recommend learning about The Delicate Art of Soul Ripping by @Sara Polk. Sara has presented a strange, melancholic and beautiful world in her chapters so far. It’s one that feels kindred to Spectral. I particularly like the originality of Oz’s occupation, how it echoes end-of-life care in our world and his conflicted relationship towards the job, especially when it comes to ripping the souls of people who’ve committed terrible acts. 

Anyway, that’s all for now. 

Happy haunting,


Dear Spirited Readers,

Just a short update today. Many of you probably noticed I posted the second chapter of Spectral on the site and I updated the cover to be a little spookier. 

But I’m most excited about the wonderful review @Dash McCallum posted about my draft on his website. You can read it here: http://ouratomictomorrow.com/inkshares-digest-7/ 

Thank you so much Dash. I’m honored to be compared to the likes of Neil Gaiman. 



Dear Spirited Readers. 

I’ve added a brief description of Spectral in the About section. Hope it gives you a sense of the novel’s tone and whets your appetite for more ghostly chapters to come. 

Speaking of chapters, I’m already cleaning up the first one to make it a faster, more exiting read based on your comments so a big thank you to everyone who has reviewed the draft thus far.

Your storied spirit medium,