Abigail Burton and Autumn Gass
This story really entraces you from the first bit. One thing I love is that you can feel connected to the main character,Tarì, if you have ever felt the loss of someone. Kristy expresses this emotion so well that it was easy to almost feel the character's sense of loss and pain. I really enjoyed the chapter I read and I would definately recommend this to anyone else who really enjoys fantasy.
Stephen Carignan
Soulblade: Forgotten Souls is a world rich in lore and imagery, which is perfect for fans of the genre. Some of the strongest moment throughout the work reinforce how large the world is, and the author guides the reader through the rules of the world with ease, and this allows readers to engage with the story.
Barbara Spencer
I would love your book to begin with the main story rather than the prologue. So many books begin this way with a predictable prologue. For me, it would be fab if you started 'bang' with the main story and weave in the bits from the prologue later.

Bryn Hagan
This is good. The narrative doesn't waste words and the descriptions are just right ie it leaves just the right amount of detail to the imagination, but tells us enough to accurately describe necessary details.Story line got me interested right away, and in fact was really enjoying the story in the prologue, and then had another good story to get into in the first chapter. Well done.
Bryn Hagan
This reads really well, the narrative is simple yet descriptive, and doesn't waste words.
Kirsty L Jennings
This book has everything from magic, action, romance, comedy and mystery.
Katelyn Wagner
The concept of this book is very engulfing, and I would be very interested in reading the book as a whole. Personally, books with thrones and stories of dragons and creatures have always caught my interest. This book ought to be a good one.
Billy O’Keefe
Already feels like a fully living world from the description (and maps) alone.
Rebecca Getzinger
Elves, dragons, visions, mysteries and more are inside this book.
E.N. Ferril
I'm intrigued.