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After a long break and a lot of introspection, I realized a few things that I’ve been telling myself and others but yet at the same time vehemently denying: my novel is actually two novels.  This first came to light when I started writing the screenplay adaptation and believe me, that is one process that really forces you to take a long hard look at your work.  The story of the movie is always inherently different that that of the book, simply by how it’s told.  It doesn’t always have to be, but movies have a way of getting straight to the point and they have to deliver certain story beats at the right moments or audiences walk away feeling disappointed. From the first draft of the screenplay I’d been telling my producer that it was almost impossible because we were really dealing with two stories here, not just one.  And the book actually reflected that.

The first part of the story was about how Bob became a vampire and his inevitable reaction being to form a support group for other vampires like him. That’s the core story right there.  Chapter two even comes in with it as a hard statement. 

The second part was about the destruction of the support group by Harry and Beatrice’s growing obsession with Bob and subsequently destroying everything he loves.

The thing that really got me thinking was that during the rewrite and edit, I started introducing new chapters and themes and the book started to grow to the point where the page count was well over 600 pages.  For a first novel AND a first book in a series, this was a little daunting.  And all the time I’m looking at the page count and seeing where the story was going and realized that it already had a very natural ending… everything else after a certain point was just a continuation.

So here I am today, two chapters left to rewrite and polish of the first novel which is still called SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE, and looking at reframing the second novel… and looking for a new title.  I’m currently entertaining SO YOU PISSED OFF A VAMPIRE (joking) as the title for the second novel, but that will come when it comes.  The rewrite is leaner and meaner, and still funny as hell and I hoe you guys will give it another look.

PS: Grammarly kicks ASS!

Hi guys, I know its been a while, but those edits take a toll on you and after a while, you just kind of fall into a rhythm and it’s write and delete and make the tough choiuce of how to rearrange everything.  Thankfully, that’s a really good process and the results can’t be beat.I just upoaded a brand new edited Chapter 2   and it’s vastly different than what was there before.  One of the things we’ve had to do (my editor and myself) is add new scenes and elements and address certain introductions and actual character descriptions (can you imagine it? Shocking I know!).  I’d love to hear your feedback on the edited chapter, so let it fly. 

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I love the title sequence. 

Editing is an interesting experience.  Wow.

I’m working with my editor Nikki Barran and for the next draft I’m using Scrivener and Grammarly, so there’s a lot of cutting and pasting going on, but it allows me to keep track of the novel and the changes made for each chapter.

I just finished writing book 2 in the series and I’m very happy with how it turned out, but this puts an entirely new perspective on editing book one since so much more has been established and there is a better understanding of Bob’s voice.

The temptation is there of course to change how the story is told, since book two is so linear and book one is told like a conversation where Bob is telling things as he remembers them and jumping to another story that he deems more important.  I think we’ve found a happy medium and I like what we’re doing with the early chapters, especially how we can expand on some themes and and streamline some of the others.  

Helping this process has been the feature script that I’ve been busy writing for So You Might Be a Vampire, and it has been remarkable in that it has helped me define what the story of the novel actually is and how some parts of the story telling would have been vastly different if handled as a screenplay.  Certain characters that show up really late in the first draft are now being handled a little differently and I’m happy to say that we actually meet Jaime (ex-girlfriend) and Claude (best friend) a lot sooner in the new version.  Yes I had to write an entirely new chapter but looking at it now I realize its the chapter thats always been missing.  Go figure.

Anyway, I guess my point is: editing is going on and it’s awesome.

There’s just a lot more actual writing involved than I had pictured...

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That is GREAT news! I can’t wait to see the new material!!

Greetings followers!  I’m still alive and kicking and have been locked up doing way too much writing.  After the lack of funding through our campaign here, I’ve sat down with my sidekick/editor Nikki and we’ve been discussing a dew things that have come up regarding the novels.

Firstly I’ve been trying to finish book two in the series "SO YOU MIGHT NOT BE HUMAN" and despite my careful planning for the plot, my "just 6 more chapters" have turned into 20 chapters and I’m only now wrapping up some loose plot threads that have popped up.  I’m honestly not trying to tie up each loose end, leaving enough of them free to have an impact on book three in the series, but these things happen when you have characters like Bob who just don’t give a shit about proper story-structure.

One of the things that popped up in discussion was a heavy edit/rewrite of SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE especially since we have this opportunity on Inkshares to get valuable feedback from people who are more than readers.  We’ve also been working on a feature film adaptation of the novel and going through that process has raised a lot of questions and introduced new scenes that I really wish I had written the first time around.  

So with that in mind, we’re looking to relaunch our campaign in about 2 months while I go through chapter by chapter.  I’d like to invite your input and feedback during this process.  I know there are a hell of a lot of REALLY, REALLY good projects here on Inkshares and they’re getting some great attention, lots of stuff to read (hell I’m reading and following a few myself of course), but I know that SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE can be one of them.

Looking forward to your feedback.  I’ll be pulling the uploaded chapters and posting the new offerings pretty soon.

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You KNOW how MUCH I love this story, as well as the first one!
You have worked so ver hard on this and it definitely SHOWS!!!!!

So that’s it guys.  So You Might Be a Vampire is back in DRAFT mode on Inkshares.  I’m getting a little feedback that I should try the campaign again to get the most out of Inkshares, especially if I can do it at a time I can commit as much energy towards running the campaign as is needed.  I’ve been split in my efforts, especially with trying to complete book #2 in the series and apparently there’s only so much brain space I have left.

There is an option available to re-run the campaign again but this time with a lot more materials (I had a series of videos planned for instance and some original artwork giveaways) and some press behind it.  I’d love to hear what you guys think.

Hi guys, so we have 4 days left and unless there is a huge Hail Mary pass coming my way that nobody’s bothered to tell me about, this book won’t make the Quill imprint.  Between being sick and work deadlines (I work in film so everything is now, now, now) I’ve not been able to focus on the campaign as much as I would have liked, especially as a few things fell through.  But rest assured that this doesn’t mean this book is dead.

I wasn’t depending on this campaign to finish the book, since it’s already been completed and had a first pass at editing.  One of the huge attractions of Inkshares was being able to afford to work with one of their professional editors (if we’d reached the 750 mark).  So You Might Be a Vampire was first serialized on Wattpad and has over 690K reads over there, and I honestly thought that this would be a good way to get some traction out of the readership, but there is a huge difference between people who want to read for free and people who are willing to pay for it.  A small number of Wattpad readers have followed (Hi Sharyl), but ultimately some people are really hard to lead and see an author trying to make a living from a book as "selling out".  Go figure, right?

Anyway, my point is this: it’s not going to make it here on Inkshares, so I will make it available to everyone who has ordered.  I will get coupons for Amazon for those supporters who wanted the paperback (via CreateSpace).  Digital copies will also be available via iTunes and Amazon, so you can read on iPad or your Kindle.

Book 2 (So You Might Not Be Human) is almost complete and you might see that popping up on Inkshares, so I hope to have your support with that (I’ll have a much better campaign planned), especially after your receive your copies of So You Might Be a Vampire.

Thank you for all of your support. You guys have been great.

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Tony! Found it today and it gave me the kick in the ass I needed to get moving again.