Jessica Barber
I normally don't read anything with demons in it because it scares me. But I got sucked in to it from just reading the first chapter. Emily used very descriptive words that really puts a picture in your head like you are standing right there. I would recommend this being published do I can read more! 
Absolutely beautiful writing. It's got this Gothic poetry about it that I can't get enough of. Cannot wait to see the finished product and be the proud owner of a copy of Seven Devils. I'm proud to be apart of the efforts that will put this work of art into production. 
The first chapter just leaves me thirsting for more. I felt like I was there with Ezra as he went through probably the most traumatizing moments of his life. It was dark and disturbing just as something that deals with demons should be. I can't wait to finish reading the novel in it's entirety.
What I have read so far is not going to aide my sleep factor.  Ezra's mother is going to stick in that space between my ears for a time.  I hope not for long.  Excellent first chapter that desires one to continue onto the second.
Thomas J. Arnold
The introductory possession scene successfully walks that of the truly horrific and going too far, and creates pure ghastly power in the writing as a result.  Great job of both setting up a great spiritual horror scene and showing a defining moment in the main characters way in a manner that both flows quickly while being complete.
Reader Writer
Hell yeah. Leaves you asking for more.
Thomas J. Arnold
Truly horrifying demonic horror. What more could you want?
Gary Johnson
Martin Contreras
Very intriguing and with a lot of potential.