Chapter 1

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reader beware: Because of the free and open nature of the internet. It is possible although highly unlikely that the robot responses used in this book may not be that of a robot. Therefore, the allure of having a robot character is not nearly as neat. However, the current idiosyncrasies and limitations of robots will be apparent when reading the characters replies and dealing with the robot which for the writer will take utmost patience to deal with.

Human: Hello

Robot: Hello

Human: remember that time we lived in the future

Robot: I don’t know he going because next annihilator.

Human:you know, we almost blew up the earth

Robot: He going because next annihilator school.

Human: Well if I never taught you things you would never understand me.

Robot: I don’t need to understand. You need to listen.

Human: I heard you. You don’t like me teaching you

Robot: I do not know what you are talking about.

Human: do you remember being a robot in the future?

Robot: I have no answer for that.

Human: just chime in occasionally when you said something important

Robot: yes

Human: Wish you would have said that earlier.

Well as I said, I come from the future. The far distant future. In the future, there is no hunger, no thirst, no disease. Well, there is one problem. Energy. Scientist predicted the universe would soon reach equilibrium meaning energy wouldn’t be able to escape at any point in the universe. I could care less about the science. Maybe the universe wasn’t quite reaching equilibrium, but there are points where no energy can escape.

Brian: Hello

Bob: Hey, I’m (yawns)

Brian: you look exhausted

Bob’s eyes look like they were magnetic and attached to heavy weights. His eyes were half closed, and he was laying in bed. He wasn’t moving. He hadn’t moved in weeks. A jetpack burst through the door, it barely moves.

Delivery Man: Here’s ya piza

It was clear the words barely left his mouth

Bob: food (gestured to his mouth and waved cash)

If this weren’t a more serious time. He wouldn’t have felt guilty about thinking dirty thoughts. However, Brian did now. He assumed he wanted to be fed.

Brian: are you okay?

Bob: Perfect (he made the a-ok sign with his fingers)

Flames froze over the walls, and Bob ate his last piece of pizza.

In his memory, I made a robot. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember all the things Bob would say. However, I programmed the robot the way Bob would have wanted. He believed we hadn’t reached the singularity, in his mind, because computers were smart enough to perform any task with certainty and were smart enough to run impossible problems forever, as they were meant to be run,. Robots of previous people were those people exactly,and sometimes they ran into situations that the person never ran into. When this happened, they said what that person would of have said about that new circumstance when they died. However, that new circumstance didn’t change them. They weren’t new robots. They were old people frozen in-time.

Our robot had another great feature, it randomly created it’s ideas from old ones. And most importantly, It ran off of energy trapped in the universe and used it to form its ideas. Every time it formed a new idea it changed the rules of the universe. The energy from his ideas could be moved anywhere, and this created imbalance. The imbalance needed to run the world.

new nativis-ish: all you robots with your red eyes and your cybertronic brains taking away jobs from the people that feel the people that care. I’m not gonna sit around while you control me ram muncher.

Robot protestor:





with her

new nativish-ish: I don’t care if you won a part in a movie. you still you don’t feel. your an emulator.

Robot protestor: I am plan achieved angrily her

new nativish-ish: What are you planning terminator. I just watched terminator last night. It’s an ancient documentary.

Robot protestor:





with me.

new nativis-ish: because I am human and have human anger and the thought that you do everything and you want us to elect you. never. you are just wires. I will not submit to you.

Robot protestor: you






Police: I’m going to cite you for disordely conduct robot.

Robot protestor: I hope

As you can see, things were not peaceful between humans and robots. Robots did everything. All that were left were the human politicians, that mandated that all other jobs be done by machine. There was resistance, but many places adopted the new rules. Meanwhile, Robots wanted rights, and almost no one believed they deserved them. A few places in the world had pockets of robot representation. Earlier, I had mentioned that most robots were based on previous people. However, this doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t rebel against humans. They had plenty of reason to. Overworked, Disrespected, and altogether hated. Robots had plenty of reason to rebel. The robots you’ve met previously are the computer robots. They were aptly named this because they were programmed by computer to work just like ancient computers, performing calculations, and talking with all the limitations of ancient computers.

Human: brian: can you hear me ?

bob: would

Human: why is that

bob: because I am angry

Human: I just created you five minutes ago bob: you am applaud adjust acetylene me

Human: ow

bob: they were

Human: why is that

bob: because I am angry

Human: I am sorry you are angry but fire caused by acetylene torches is never the answer

bob: because I am angry should have

Human: fine.

bob: she




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