Hello early readers of Reset the System! I wanted you all to be the first to know, that I have been putting together some raffle prize packages in anticipation of the funding campaign, specifically designed to reward early supporters of the book. Everyone that helps get the book to Quill once I launch the campaign will be entered into up to ten raffles for ten prize packages, as my way of thanking you for supporting the book. The early information about the prize packages is listed under the excerpts from the book, under the extended synopsis of the story, and also included at the end of this message. Please spread the word to your own circles about the book and the prizes, with a planned launch date of September 2016.

Every copy of the book you pre-order entitles you to a raffle ticket for for each prize draw after your pre-order. I will come up with a schedule of the prize draw dates closer to the campaign launch. If you order one copy at the beginning of the campaign, that gives you one ticket in each draw - 2 copies, 2 tickets, etc!

From the book’s description page:

Reset the System is going to be a fun book to read, and it will also be a fun book to fund and participate in...Because I want to thank my early supporters, the first 250 pre-order supporters that bring me to Quill will be entered into raffle competition for several sweet prizes (if you buy more than one pre-order copy, you get the equivalent amount of entries into each of the ten draws, so five copies means five entries into each draw for a total of 50 chances to win). The raffle will take place as soon as I hit the Quill mark. 

A full and more official list will follow in the near future to coincide with my campaign, but prizes will include: 

 1. A signed special edition novel by a famous author 

 2. A book lover’s reading package 

 3. A leather-bound antique book 

 4. A movie package 

 5. A video game package 

 6. A surprise package 

 7. Signed copies of two of my previously published books 

 8. A Canadian care package 

 9. Surprise science fiction memorabilia 

 10. Surprise horror memorabilia 

 *I will pay the shipping costs on all raffle winnings to anywhere in North America.

If the fun raffle prizes are not enough to motivate you into helping me reach my goal, I have also decided that when my book hits 500 pre-order copies, I will post a video to Inkshares of me having my head shaved by a mystery person wearing a strange costume (Vader, a jester, a cyborg? suggestions?). I have never shaved my head before, but I will do it to make you laugh. Then for fun, I will pose for a photograph of me looking upwards like the clones on my book cover, and send all of my supporters a photoshopped version of the cover with my own face repeated instead of the clones. Sound wild? I hope so.

Thank you if you have taken the time to read this, but mostly, thank you for being an early believer in Reset the System. If you can find time to recommend or spread the word about the draft and story, please do. I can’t wait for you to see the full first chapter, which has has some serious revision after draftshares, and will be posted soon.

Please let me know what you think of Sept. 1st as my campaign start date, I would love to hear your thoughts and advice.

I hope you are all well,

Happy June,


Hello new Inkshares friends! I wanted to let you know that Reset the System moved quickly from a novel idea to a manuscript draft this spring, after I had strong encouragement from a constant reader and fierce critic that I have trusted for a long time. I am enjoying working with this manuscript so much, that I even had a temporary cover worked up (available for your viewing pleasure now) and am contemplating launching a campaign for funding, perhaps later this summer, or - and this is my preference - in September and through the fall season. 

I recently completed the first draft of the book at the cabin this weekend, though some things are a little raw, and I am planning to release a few chapters over the next few weeks as I re-draft the book, to keep you interested and hopefully to encourage you to share the book with your own networks! If you are at all interested in Science Fiction or posthumanism, then I think you are really going to like this story. But even if those things are not your bag (baby), then I’m sure you know other peeps on Inkshares that might be into it. 

I am looking forward to getting to know many of you as much as I can in the coming weeks and months! So far my favourite thing about Inkshares, is that it reminds me of a larger (much larger) version of a great advanced creative writing class I was once part of, with many members of the community very generous with their time and patience, commenting on each other’s writing and providing some constructive criticism. That by the way, is a personal goal of mine...to try to chime in every now and then with some useful feedback about the actual nuts and bolts of the writing, and not only to shine people on...though, every now and then, someone either needs or deserves a bit of shining. I would love to hear from some of you when the first full chapter of Reset the System goes up this weekend! What I have there now was just a teaser while I was finishing the novel draft.

If you are interested in learning a bit more about me, check out my blog, also a work in progress...or of course, DM me and we can chat writing and favourite books. Don’t be shy to push your own projects on me too as they develop...I am a voracious reader by trade and choice.

Best wishes and happy summer,

Jeremy R. Strong

Jeremy edit Jeremy R. Strong · Author · added almost 7 years ago
Ken, thanks for being the first to comment on the book! Fun is definitely what I am going for here, and you have hit the nail on the head with your making analogies to The Hunger Games and Logan’s Run. I would also say that despite the early tone of the book, which is a bit sarcastic and whimsical I know, there are some grittier angles to the story too, so for you and other readers that are fans of or familiar with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (and Blade Runner), or The Running Man, I hope you will also see parallels to those works as I revise the novel into second draft on Inkshares. 
By the way everyone, check out Ken’s book Clockwork Charlie - he has a really original flair for phraseology and attention to the original image; I would compare portions of his work to that of David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas), but he definitely has his own unique style that makes for addictive reading.

Img 20160310 183906 Ken Lindsey · Author · added almost 7 years ago
This could be an incredibly fun read.  A bit Hunger Games, a bit Logan’s Run... maybe?  Can’t wait for more!