The Discovery


The Discovery

Lucy, aged five, walks into the garden of her uncle’s house. It’s on a sloppy mountain. She sees a rough boulder rock, walks to the rock, and sits on it. She feels lovely to sit on it and enjoys the mountain breeze. Then she observes a small bushy tree below her on the slope and a bird’s nest in a hole in the tree. She enjoys watching the beautiful bird sitting inside. She tries to stand on the rock to see it better, and the bird, perhaps because of fear of seeing Lucy’s movements, flies out. Then she sees three spotted colorful eggs in the nest. The lad has never touched a bird’s eggs and wishes much to take at least one of them in her hands. The little one is frightened to climb up the tree to take the eggs but remains to look at them. With a great desire to hold it, she nods her head, calling one of the eggs, "come, I want to hold you. I love you and will not hurt you."

To her wonder and excitement, she sees the egg rising itself and coming towards her. She wonders now if she is dreaming. She opens her both tiny hands together to receive it. That egg places itself in her hands. With great satisfaction and joy, she talks to the egg a lot of things. Along with many things, she also shares one of her sorrows with the egg,

"My friend, I am lame girl. My right leg is shorter than the left, so I tiptoe, throwing my buttocks. Friends laugh at it, and they nicknamed me ’Kundi’, meaning buttock. Hearing that, I feel very sad and small in front of them. To add fuel to the fire, my dad also calls me the same nickname ’Kundi’, and not my sweet name Lucy. When my dad calls, I feel my world collapses and feel terribly rejected." Lucy shares her greatest sorrow with the egg.

Then, she hears the voice of the egg talking to her.

"I feel very sorry for you. You’re a silent sufferer. Excuse me, I have to go back; my mom will come back now. She is frightened of you. That’s why she remains outside. When you move away from here, she can come back to me soon. If she doesn’t brood over me, the life in me will not come to the public. Bye." The egg expresses its concern.

"Goodbye, you’re so beautiful. Thank you for coming to my hand. I’ll not frighten your mom. I want to see you bubbling with life flying all over in freedom. I’ll leave now." Lucy assures the egg.

She’s much excited to find out her special ability. As she rushes back to the house, she sees a small ladder leaning on a tree. For fun, she looks at it and tells it to move to the next tree, hoping it will move as the egg has done. She jumps in excitement, and wonders over how the objects move when she wishes and focuses on them. As she climbs up the steps to the house, she calls her uncle. Responding to her, he comes out, but he cannot see where Lucy is.

"Where’re you, Lucy?" Her uncle inquires.

She’s close to her uncle, but he can’t see her. So she holds his hand. He screams in terrible fear because he senses someone holding him, but cannot see anyone around him; Lucy understands from this that she can remain hidden from others. Now she does not know how it happens. So she remains looking at her uncle. When she focuses on her uncle, she becomes visible to him, and he feels relaxed, yet in utter confusion.

"Oh, you are here, my child." He feels at home.

Lucy has now learned two things; the first one is when she focuses on an object and desires the direction of its movement, it takes place, and the second one is when she wants to be invisible, she only needs to focus on herself and it takes place. She feels happy over this, and this happiness balances the sadness and inferiority feelings her physical impediment has caused her. She reflects on doing something good for others, using her two powerful newfound mental abilities.

She plans to check it during the lunch break. Her uncle, aunt, and their two children sit together for lunch. Lucy is there as a guest. The uncle asks for some water, and the aunt brings it. Watch what happens now. Lucy focuses on the glass, and as the aunt pours water into the glass, she moves it away, and the water falls on the table.

"Oh, I’m sorry." Asking pardon, she keeps the glass proper and pours the water again.

But the girl moves it a second time and the water falls on the table. Seeing that, all get irritated and worried.

"What’s going wrong with our mom?" The two children ask.

Their mom is very much upset and says, "Something’s going wrong with me. I need to consult a psychiatrist or what?"

After lunch, Lucy goes back to her home thinking of her dad’s drinking alcohol during supper and thinks whether she can do something about that.

At supper, he brings whisky and pours it into his glass as usual, but it goes outside as the girl moves the glass away. He leaves the bottle on the table and takes the glass to examine what has happened. Meanwhile, Lucy moves the bottle and drops it on the floor, its content is lost and the container is in pieces. Her dad gets frightened and tells, "There is a ghost here."

He goes to get another bottle; Lucy follows him. As he opens the almirah, she makes the bottle rush out and drops it on the floor, breaking it into pieces. He runs away screaming in horror. Now, he gets convinced that a ghost is haunting the house.

"Dad, there is no ghost here. Something else is wrong." Lucy speaks to her dad.

It thrills her because she sees the possibility of her dad stopping alcohol out of fear at least.

"Dad, you do something that neither helps your health nor helps our entire family. Maybe God’s telling you to stop drinking alcohol and to save the family." She suggests.

There never used to be a prayer before meals, and now she proposes, "Let’s not eat food like animals. We thank God first for this food, for all those people who have worked hard to produce the raw materials of this food before us. Everything is God’s freebee given to us out of love for us. We thank you our loving God for our life and everything you have given to us." She leads the prayer before starting the meal. At the end of the dinner, she says, "What a peaceful dinner we’ve had tonight. We should have dinner every day like this." She comments with determination.

After a few days, her dad realizes what his daughter has said as true, and decides never to touch alcohol to destroy family peace and his health. Lucy gets fully convinced now of her special talents to use for the common good and to help change the unhealthy habits of others. On the following day is a Sunday; her two sisters and she plan to go to the neighboring forest for a picnic. Sitting in the meadow, they enjoy some snacks in the forest.

They talk about their dad’s change of lifestyle and its value, creating a better home atmosphere.

God is very merciful to us, and that’s why we have peace at home. Let us pray more for God’s grace in our family. All of a sudden, Lucy sees a huge tiger rushing towards them. Her sisters cry in terror. As they stand up, Lucy makes them both go high to a branch of a tree. Holding the tree, they’re screaming for their lame youngest sister on the ground before the man-eater. Seeing the girl move, throwing her buttocks gives the animal some entertainment, and it slows down. But the bloodthirsty animal wakes up from its dream and springs up to swallow the girl.

"Don’t fear, pray. God will save me." Lucy tells her sisters, focusing on herself. The wild animal’s rushing comes to an abrupt end as Lucy disappears from the scene. The tiger is looking for her everywhere and appears to be restless. Both the sisters can see Lucy there, but the Tiger is not catching her. Watch how she goes after the tiger and pulls the tail of the tiger with such force that the animal’s hind legs are up and it stands on its forelegs roaring aloud in fear and helplessness. She leaves the brute’s legs and catches both ears, and pulls the animal up above the ground, and it appears lifeless in dread. When the girl drops the animal, it runs for life. But she flies much ahead of the animal and stands on its way in the meadow. Seeing her, the animal rushes to catch her, but she hides in the thin air. The animal gets fooled, alarmed, and runs away for life to the forest. The two sisters watch the animal escaping to the forest, not harm their sister. Both the sisters can’t understand what’s going on there. Then she brings down her sisters from the tree, and they return home safe. Lucy reveals the secret to her sisters, and they agree never to reveal this to anyone else.

The two sisters are very happy over Lucy’s special abilities to balance her handicap. Now Lucy’s next victim is her mom. She wants mom’s love, but she always keeps her pet dog and fondles him every time. The girl has many times wished to have borne as her mom’s pet dog.

" The dog gets more love than what I get from my mom. I am her child, and she doesn’t show any love towards me, but the dog enjoys it." She speaks to herself.

How true it is when parents spend a lot of time with animals and love them, they deprive the children of their love and attention and degrade themselves to the animal level. It erodes the quality of family life. Children do not get the love they ought to get. In such a loveless state, when they grow up, how can they become better persons to build up a healthy family life when they get married? It’s just impossible. Lucy now watches over how her mom fondles the dog in one hand, and in the other she is busy with her mobile, ignoring Lucy’s call.

"My dad is often angry with her for these behaviors, and she gets angry on her dad for his drinking alcohol." Lucy expresses her dissatisfaction.

She now moves her mom’s mobile from her hand, and her mom watches her mobile flying out through the open window straight into a big pit of dirt nearby. Horror-stricken mom screams, "my precious, costly mobile."

Then to her shock, her dog goes up and the girl sends him far away through the air beyond her sight and places him down with no hurt. Scared, her mom sees her slippers from the veranda coming into the room, and they slap her both cheeks. The panic-stricken mom falls unconscious. The three daughters sprinkle water on her face, and she opens her eyes and comes to consciousness.

"What’s going on with you, mom?" Lucy asks her mom.

She doesn’t respond, but she allows the dog and mobile to go away from her life.

"I don’t love my children, and this is God’s correction for me." Mom decides never to degrade herself to the animal level anymore, but give her husband and children more concern and love. Her new choice gives her an indescribable inner joy, and this convinces her it’s from God and it’s His will for her.

The three children join together to keep Lucy’s special powers a secret. Now the elder sisters are having great respect towards the youngest, and look up to her to shine before others. One day, the eldest sister shares with Lucy how a certain person humiliates and insults her before others for her stammering defect. Once, while the three sisters go together to Church service, Lucy notices her sister’s insulter going to the Church right in front of them. Lucy makes her sister go twice around her insulter in the air. Seeing that in fear, she runs away back home. Since then, her sister has received only respect and appreciation from all.

Can you see that middle-aged man, thin, tall, slightly bent over, come with some fish in his hands? That is Lucy’s dad. It delights her mom to see the fish because she is excellent at making a delicious fish dish. When her husband gives her the fish, she asks him for an ordinary phone. He promises her to get one.

Seeing her mom cleaning the fish, Lucy goes to her asking whether she needs her help in cleaning the fish. Hearing the affirmative answer, she goes to her. Before reaching her, Lucy makes all the fish go up above her mom’s head from the container, and they rain down on her head. But she pretends as if nothing happened. At the same time, she thinks it’s a reminder from God never to eat back what she has vomited out. At the realization of it, she decides to say goodbye to mobile and give full care and love to her family.

Lucy’s mom can never forget the three teaching lessons she has received from God to take care of the family. She, in silence, speaks to her God, the protector, "I am very sorry Lord, Jesus, my God, for not keeping faithful to my promise to you and for asking my husband to get a mobile for me. I renounce all such types of degrading lifestyle in my life. I need to be an example to my children and my husband and neighbors. I want to work hard. You continue to live in our family and never go away from us." She feels satisfied after talking to God and deciding to be faithful in her decisions.

"When I love God, I can experience His power in my life and my family. I make sure I’m no more the old irresponsible homemaker. I want my children, my husband and my neighbors experience God’s presence in our family. Lord Jesus, forgive me all the faults of my entire life and help me to be faithful now onward. Make our home your dwelling place; make each one of us your temples, O loving Holy Spirit of God." Her decision to start a responsible life makes her depend on God.

In a few months, she is convinced that responsibility, humility, repentance, respect, and honor for each other are the starting points of family growth and prosperity.

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