Kendra Namednil
This is just super adorable and wonderful!
Christopher A. Michaels
A Great kids book that challenges imagination!
Bryn Hagan
I really want to read more. This is so unique, and I want to recommend it to people, but I'd love to read some more first. I'm very intrigued, and in the small snippet available so far, I like the style and you manage to make it sound like a child telling the story.
Reader Writer
Love the idea of inspiring others!
Stephen Carignan
Writing is hard, at least, I think we can all agree it's not easy. So when an author compounds the issue by writing for children, where every word is important, and key to either building vocabulary or practicing the joy of reading. I really enjoy the premise of this work and will definitely read this to my daughter. 
Joshua Griffith
A cute read indeed and already it makes me wonder if AL is real or imaginary since none of Maddie's classmates can see the world's smallest elephant. Check it out, it's sure to be a fun read!
Christopher Huang
Perfectly adorable! This would be a charming addition to any family's bookshelf.
Billy O’Keefe
Love the art, love the story, love the elephant and love the sentiment behind the book's creation. Needs support with 25 days left, so let's give it some.