Durena Burns
A novel that will pull at your heartstrings and make you smile. The relationship Becca has with her father especially is a gift. Rock of Ages is a gem that gives you a glimpse of another person's experiences of home and loved ones.
Bekkah Skaggs
I just read the chapter where rebecca's dad told her he had cancer. You really captured the moment and awfulness that comes with that diagnoses. You really understand the human element.
Robin Rosenberg Spence
Seeing family through somebody else's eyes, seeing a town through someone else's eyes, as clearly as Becca has done is wonderful. A great book about attachment to family and place.
Cari Dubiel
I'm so intrigued by the excerpts of this novel. The strong writing and voice bring about a sense of grounding. Eager to see what's next!
Laney Wylde
The relationships Becca has with her parents and with her boyfriend are both realistic and heartbreaking. You want to wrap her in a hug when she finds out about her dad's cancer. The dialogue flows well, something that is so hard to do!
Julia Gregory
I’m already attached to the characters after only reading a short excerpt!! I can tell this will be an engaging page-turner that I won’t be able to put down.
Leeann carrow
The author's writing is engaging and I already feel invested in the story after reading the excerpts! I look forward to reading/experiencing this novel in its entirety!!!!!
Kathleen E Neff
Rock of Ages feels like one of those books that invites you to literally step into it and then step out again when you reluctantly put the book down. My favorite scene is with Becca and her father. Overflowing love so palpable. Step into this book!
Courtney Hovis
I was barely halfway through the chapter Country Roads before deciding to stop and wait to read Rock of Ages in it's entirety. Half of a chapter had me both chuckling and crying with empathy-- it's sure to be a page-turner!
Ellie Volosin
Many of us Appalachian transplants have a complicated relationship with the concept of home that we struggle with defining or really understanding. This story about home is straight forward and not unnecessarily wordy but still raw and emotional.