Reader Writer
This is a great intro but world build some more. What is the school like? Are walls still that egg shell white? Are there windows? What are the desks like? What are the hallways like and the lockers? Also, you do a lot of telling. Show me some more. When his name was on the loud speaker again did he cringe, slam his eyes shut, scrunch up his nose and lips as he inhaled sharply? 
Joshua Griffith
I enjoyed this work and to see more of it soon. You got my mouth watering for more and I recommend this to others because I can tell it's a good one already.
Ashley Brandt
Other than a few minor hiccups here and there, I think Navigation has the potential to be a wonderful children's book. A futuristic children's book that is more than likely to catch the attention of anyone who picks it up and reads it. Very well done.
Ashley Brandt
A futuristic children's book that is unlike any I've seen. Be sure to give this a read!