So the Nerdist Contest has finished with five winners declared with me not one of them. I still have 48 days to make it through to the normal Inkshares funding goal. I'm not going to stop promoting and I hope that you will all continue to support me and my book. Please continue to occasionally share with your own friends and family and we'll see if I can get this published through Inkshares still. If that doesn't work out I'll be switching to self publishing once the manuscript is complete and I've gone through my own round of editing. thanks everybody.

All, thank you for the support. Time is getting narrow. We have a week to go and very far to get. I'm not going to give up hope until midnight on the 30th. The way the internet works I only need to hit the right group of folks to rack up a couple hundred pre-orders and send me into the top five. It's such a small fraction of the population and who knows what might go viral between now and then. I've posted another sample chapter. This one tells of Sister Merewyn, a young nun who finds herself coming awake during a momentous night. Please check it out.

I also set up an instagram to post pics with snippets. Check it out. There will be writing there that likely does not make it into the book but adds an extra element to the story.


All, thank you for the support. With the weekend of Rose City Comic-con behind me I am hopeful for some new fans. Already have a couple pre-orders from new folks, for which I am very grateful. I just posted a new sample chapter. Please check it out. I'll post another one tomorrow. Lots of new instagram shots from the con coming to @mystsofmythos.

All, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing ... not as fast as I like. Time is running out and I'm well behind. This is all new to me so perhaps I just haven't been doing things the way it works on social media. I have to change things up a bit. So today I started the account #mystsofmythos on Instagram. I'll be posting pics of personal nature as well as pics that will be about the book itself. Get to know me better. Get a better idea of what you might see in the book. I hope to see you there.

Greetings to all, thank you for the support. Things have been progressing well... Today I've posted another sample chapter. This one looks at one of our female protagonists. Please take a look at Chapter 2 -Veil Over Paris

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Can't wait to read the whole thing!