Hi Readers,

Thank you so much supporting my novel Maxine Starr: Last Vanguard of the Zodiac. I appreciate everyone that liked, shared, and especially those that preordered a copy - some even bought the expensive paperbacks. Really - it meant the world to me that you followed and read my work. Although we didn’t reach our goal of 250/750 preorders, and the campaign is now over, I’m actually very happy with the response. You’ve inspired me.

I believe life is all about taking hits, learning and getting back up. So this isn’t the end of the book but rather a minor detour. I still believe in Maxine Starr’s adventures, and your support means that I’ll work on the book even harder to make it even better. 

And don’t worry - for anyone that knows me, I’m not easily discouraged :) I’m actually excited to get moving again on the novel, and more books in the Maxine Starr series (yes, I have 3 more planned)

Right now, I’m considering other traditional, e-book, and self-published formats. I also have some other plans in the works. Just wanted to let you know that once it’s done, I’ll be offering buyers a reduced price for your early support. THANK YOU!  The book will be released - that’s my promise. For now, your money will be returned to you in a few days. 

I’ll be keeping this site up for a while longer. Feel free to give me feedback, ask questions or even contribute ideas. 

Do you have an idea for a book?

Would you like the read the whole of Maxine Starr and give feedback?

Want an insight into the process of the writing, story and character designs? 

Is there any way I can help you achieve your dream too?

I’m all for creating communities, and although this one is small, I appreciate all of your input. So thank you! This is not the end of Maxine Starr, the Zodiac Universe, or even her dog, Woof. I believe our dreams, like the cosmos itself, has no visible boundaries. And more importantly, you can’t let a single failure distract you from a coming triumph. Because, as Maxine discovers in the book, the impossible is often just one move away.

Thank you for believing in Maxine Starr.


Kane W.Holder

 Hi everyone! Happy belated Xmas and a Happy New year to all of you!


I’m writing to THANK everyone for ordering the book once again. Even though reaching 750 orders by Jan 14 is an uphill task, thank you for reading, sending me encouraging comments, and sharing the link. 

I really appreciate it and the efforts won’t be forgotten!

As a last effort however: I’d be forever grateful if you could send the link via social media, email, chat (Whatsapp, Telegram), to anyone else that might be interested in ordering the book - sci fi fans, Star Wars fans, Harry Potter fans, high fantasy readers, or even people love a local Singaporean story (for Singapore readers).

Regardless of the outcome, I received some really encouraging feedback about MAXINE STARR, and I will continue with it whether funded or not. I’ll continue updating the Inkshares page and releasing new content, and if the opportunity arises, we’ll attempt another round of fundraising. 

For the meantime, as I edit the book, please do share with anyone else you may know. 

From the bottom of my heart, your support has meant a lot to me! And I am MORE  to determined to get MAXINE STARR out there to the world somehow, someday. If not now, then definitely sooner rather than later.

So in the ancient language of the Ariens: Umbra Kirini Depotis (Be the Love you Seek) -- and THANK YOU!

Have a great New Year and 2018!

Kane W Holder

 Hello there Readers,

First, thank you for the support for Maxine Starr! Really. Things have been progressing well, and I really appreciate everyone pre-ordering the book. Maxine Starr has always been a dream of mine for a long time, and you’re making it come true. THANK YOU!

There is still some way to go til January 14 when the crowdfunding stops. If the book reaches 250 orders, it will be published in all formats! Even better, if it reaches 750 it will have a much wider launch internationally. So please do me a small favour and SHARE, LIKE, EMAIL, TEXT, or WHATSAPP MESSAGE this link to other friends and family that you feel might be interested. (If you need me to write a brief intro, let me know).

Oh and do leave me a review or comment on Inkshares, if you can. 

Did you like the book? 

The sample chapters? 

What do you think of the writing, characters, and story so far? 

Feel free to tell me. I take them seriously :)

One last thing: for those that ordered the Paperback, thank you for spending cash on the shipping as well. I’ve been told it is substantial, and I really appreciate it. Thank you. This I hope will change in the future, as I will try to secure local distribution as well. Let’s see. For now, thank you again for shelling out the extra cash.

Lastly, do let anyone you know -- bookworms, Young-Adult book lovers, Harry Potter, Star Wars fans -- that this book exists.  And that this idea could, one day, be the big-budget movie blockbuster Singapore has been waiting for (well that’s the dream). But let’s start with small steps :)

If you have any questions (Q and A), feedback, or would like to find out more, do let me know. This is a community effort and I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you once again! Talk to you soon.

Kane W.Holder

Picture Brian Fitzpatrick · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 1 like
Nice to meet you too, Kane.  Welcome to the crazy world of crowdfund publishing.  You are in for a wild ride.  A lot of Inkshares authors are connected on FB and Twitter.  I recommend reaching out to the gang when you’re ready.  We are extremely supportive.
 rc3inzj Kane W. Holder · Author · added over 2 years ago
Thank you so much Brian! Great to meet you. I appreciate that. I’m new here, but I will check out your novel shortly! Sounds fantastic. Will totally support it too!
Picture Brian Fitzpatrick · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 1 like
Hi Kane, I really like this concept and congrats on the great comments from LaunchPad!
I will definitely be pre-ordering when you open it up.  The art is also fantastic.  I love the cover and the concept character designs.
Your comparison movies are oddly similar to mine for my novel, Mechcraft: "The Matrix meets Harry Potter"
Best of luck on your launch, and count me in as a fan.