Thank you for supporting this project. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in our system and an email may have gone out informing you that this project funded when, in fact, it did not. We apologize for the confusion this may have caused. 

All of our authors--those with projects that fund and those with projects that do not--are doing amazing things and we wish them all the best in their creative endeavors! 


the Inkshares team

As we wind down...

Hello all my amazing backers!

You have no idea how touched I have been by all your incredible support on my journey to write this cookbook! 

Alas, there is only 5 days left in my fundraising process and I will very likely come up short. Which means my book will not be published...

Although I am disappointed, this is not the end of my recipe road! I already have a very simple cooking blog (http://www.vitaminsandchocolate.tumblr.com - feel free to check it out!), but I may launch a more organized and accessible blog very soon. If I can't do it in print, I will take it digital! My journey to create healthy and delicious recipes will continue, and I hope you will all still join me. 

Again, I just wanted to say a preliminary "thank you!" for all your support, even though this didn't work out. You are all wonderful. 

- Kelsey 

Screen shot 2014 05 23 at 1.07.10 pm Kelsey Greenberg · Author · added about 6 years ago
Good morning all! 
I just wanted to say thank you AGAIN for supporting me on this project and give you a little update. 

These are the sections I am thinking of for the cookbook : 

Breakfast of Champions : sample recipe coming today

Not your average Salad : such as the Thai Cabbage Salad recipe I have already shared!

Soup for the soul : sample recipe coming!

This is vegetarian? : recipes similar to the Goat Cheese Quinoa Casserole I have already shared!

I'll take a side of that : sample recipe coming!

Meat Monday : sample recipe coming! 

Please feel free to share your thoughts or questions! 

So much love, 


p.s. I would really really appreciate it if you could take just a minute to forward my proposal to a few friends, family or email contacts that would be amazing! I have only have 3 weeks left to get this bad boy funded! Thanks!  

Screen shot 2014 05 23 at 1.07.10 pm Kelsey Greenberg · Author · added about 6 years ago
All, thank you your amazing support! I am so touched by all the help and encouragement I have received. 

Things have been progressing well! I have been recreating all my recipes and getting them just right to share with you all! :) 

I am also 1/3 of the way through my funding  with 1 month to go... and looking for new ways to get in contact with people who would also like these recipes! Any help forwarding this around would be appreciated! :D 

Happy 4th! 
Screen shot 2014 05 23 at 1.07.10 pm Kelsey Greenberg · Author · added about 6 years ago
Hey Kris! 
Absolutely! I will work on getting a teaser recipe up this weekend and/or sending an update about it! 
Thank you so much for your comment <;3

B w final Kris Calvin · Author · edited about 6 years ago
Sounds great! I like your statement  that  just because "gluten-free" has become a fad doesn't mean there's not merit in cutting back on processed gluten-containing foods. Also, I'm a vegetarian, so that's a fit as well. Any chance you can share one of your favorite recipes as a "teaser" or send to the backers in an update? I'm  curious as to the direction you (now we) are headed! Thanks for writing this, Kris

Screen shot 2014 05 23 at 1.07.10 pm Kelsey Greenberg · Author · added over 6 years ago
Me either! So excited to see this come to life. If there is any particular recipe you have seen me post about and want to make sure it ends up in there - don't hesitate to let me know!  :)
Img 8457 Floriane Parmentier · Reader · added over 6 years ago

Can't wait!