A.C. Weston
Lost Generation reminds me of the first time I read The Maltese Falcon, when I actually stood up in the middle of Barnes and Noble and started reading out loud because the prose was so strong, crossed with the first time I saw Children of Men. It's so, so good.
The setting is a despondent future landscape of post-civil war tension. Lauro and Claudia are the sort of familiar desperate people we know and understand, because we could be them. (Maybe we are them.) They are lost and brilliant and desperate and suffering, and we care about them immediately. We need to know if they can find hope - and if they can, will they?
Superior writing, a rich voice, and deep characters combine in this utterly compelling contribution to the Inkshares catalog. I cannot wait to read the rest of this book.
C. Brennecke
Lost Generation sucks you right in and artfully layers elements of intrigue and curiosity one after another. A character-driven, dystopian sci-fi with ribbons of noir, it reads like a psychological thriller about a future that is all too easy to imagine. With the growth of technology the job market has all but vanished and, thanks to Terzieva’s descriptive and moody writing style, its toll on society is easily felt. But, there are rumors of another place that conjure up a sense of hope that feels mythic. I can’t wait to read more.
Daniel C Rooney
Despite the best intentions of machines, once in a while the system required a human hand.I love where the author's mind goes while he carries the story forward.  He does a great job in filling out the world as he is introducing the characters.  I was looking forward to chapter 2 and I'm glad I didn't have long to wait.  Except now I want chapter 3!
Brenda Terzieva
Wow! Just wow! That was amazing! I'm not just saying that due to being your wife. I'm saying it cause you just blew me away with all the detail and hard work you put into that chapter. I could not be more proud of how you have a character with Schizophrenia. Mental health issues in this day in age need more and more attention and more and more compassion. I feel like your depiction of Lauro will help shape a few people's views on the battle against mental health. But hey, no pressure or anything. 
Richard Saunders
An intriguing premise; chapter one is a great set-up! Lost Generation is on my must-read list.
Tony Valdez
A future society tale exploring mental illness and the cost of automation replacing honest labor.
Rick Hansen
What a great story about redemption!