Seventy-four. That is the number of people who pre-order Immortal Legacy that I need to place in third as of this moment. That’s a lot, yes, but if that doesn’t happen that number will rise immensely. The contest ends on March 15th; that’s only thirteen days away from today! I need your help, Really bad.

First and foremost: pre-order! Artum: Immortal Legacy is a story of revenge, drama, and adventure across the stars of a galaxy far from our own. Grab it now (https://goo.gl/ipiMgX) to help get it published, and to make sure you don’t miss out!

After you’ve done that: Share it! Post it on Facebook, Twitter, anywhere. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell some strangers. Spread it around your school, your church, your gaming group. Make fliers. Make posters. Anywhere you can get this info, get it! Let’s make this comeback a reality and nab that publishing deal for Artum: Immortal Legacy. March 15th is coming in real close.

Picture Alexander Barnes · Author · added about 5 years ago
Hey Micah. Would you be interested in trading pre-orders?
Picture Amanda Orneck · Author · added about 5 years ago
Awesome! We’re in Toney!
Img 20150909 121101 1 1 Micah Baker · Author · added about 5 years ago
Yeah, actually! I’m in Madison which is pretty close to Huntsville. Been here for a number of years now. 
Picture Amanda Orneck · Author · added about 5 years ago
Congrats on your article! Does that mean you’re local to the Tennessee Valley? (I ask because I once wrote an article for WAAY 31 so I know they report about Huntsville and such.

I hope you all don’t mind an update so soon after I just posted one up, but I’ve got some... news... I’m on the news! WAAY 31 did an interview with me about Inkshares as another way for aspiring authors to get their books published; but also about Artum! It was a really fun discussion, and I think I did a good enough job explaining everything. The web article is here, if you wanted to read it! http://goo.gl/o2Vv4w

Thanks for reading, and stopping by, and all that. And thank you so much, again, for all of your support. Let’s get this novel published!

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to give you all an update real fast as to what’s going on with the book. Artum has fallen out of the top ten at this point, which means that now is crunch time to get it not only back in the top ten, but to the top of the top ten. If you’re following the novel but haven’t pre-ordered, please consider doing so. Share it, recommend it, tell friends/family/random strangers about it. Get the word out!

I’m doing my best to get the word spread as far as I can out here. I’ve made handouts, and I might be on the local news to talk about not only my book, but also how Inkshares helps authors out getting their books published, and is a great alternate platform from traditional publishing. 

There are lots of exciting things going on apart from the book as well. We’ve just moved, so while I’m typing this update I’m surrounded by boxes and out-of-place furniture, and having to do all of that sadly impedes work towards getting Artum out there. But I shall return in full to the work shortly. And then, it’s full speed ahead towards winning this thing! Also recently I’ve been reading some classic cyberpunk novels, and I think it’s doing great things for my writing of Artum, stylistically. I’d forgotten some of the reasons I fell in love with that specific genre in the first place, and why I chose it as an influence for my book in the first place. Next up for reading I’ve got some classic space opera novels, to hopefully grab some more style to inject into Artum.

Thank you all so much for your support. I hope that together we are able to see Artum win this thing, and get this book which I know you’ll love into your hands. 


Hello again, everyone. Firstly I just want to thank you for all the wonderful support. I appreciate it so much. I’ve taken a little bit of time and updated the ’About’ section on the novel’s Inkshares page, to give people a better idea of what they’re reading and to share some more thoughts on what I want to do with the novel. There is a video coming eventually, and an excerpt coming before that. Things are coming along nicely, and I’m so happy to have great readers like you all along the way!

Thank you all so much for the support! Just so you know, things are coming along well. There’s a title change in the works, so if the book title changes, don’t fret. It’s still me, still the same thing. Just want something that sounds better, and would make me want to pull it off the shelf. Also, cover art should be incoming soon. Even if it’s just placeholder art. 

An excerpt is on the way too, just a little bit behind these changes. Keep an eye and ear out, and thank you again for the support for this novel! :)