There, Chapter 2 is now up. If we get to 35 followers I’ll work on Chapter 3 and upload that. I want to see how much interest there is in this work.

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I’m taking a short break from The Adventures of MONOMAN to do a bit of work on some of my other projects. I’ve uploaded the prologue and chapter 2 is done, it just needs to be edited. That should be up later today, I hope you check them out as they’re more indicative of the flow of the novel. Chapter 1 is mostly just a set up chapter for things to come and thus its a little slow.

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This is the original project that I did. It’s not perfect on later rereads I located some spelling errors that do to file types and other things I haven’t fixed, but it gives you a general idea of the world. It also lets you see part of the personality of the main character although some of things aren’t accurate to the book.

I’m surprised that people have been following this despite my entire attention being focused on The Adventures of MONOMAN. I may create a first chapter for this just to show you what the story would be like. I’m also going to release the earlier stuff I did with the idea. The whole idea came from a school project I did that I thought would make a good book.