Well, friends, it was an epic campaign, and you all were fantastic for your support. The book came in about 15th out of more than 400 entries, which I think is pretty good for a first time out: 103 readers willing to offer money for a book they could only get a glance at is encouraging.

The contest has ended, and so I will be moving forward, looking into other publishing opportunities. If you’d like to keep track of when the book will be available, you can like the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LeafQuest/) or send me an email letting me know of your continued interest.

Thanks to all the backers and the followers who expressed interest. Thanks to my wife for putting up with all my obsession over the book. Thanks to Devin Parker for the excellent cover art, and to him and his lady wife for helping me sharpen my video. Thanks to the many of you who gave good promotional advice and words of encouragement, and who helped spread the word. And thanks to God for the dream, for the promises, and for the blessing to make the attempt.

Leaf will be coming one day soon; she will not be kept down. Godspeed, all.

M. Slusser

O Supporter, Well-Wisher, and Fan of Fine Literature,

This is it: the final week of the Geek & Sundry fantasy novel contest. The last days to join (and help others join) the growing host who are treating themselves to a great novel and helping the world become a better place. The glorious finale of this epic campaign, and the perfect opportunity to put this thing over the top.

Here’s what you can do to make this the ne plus ultra of literary launches:

1) If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you would be an outstanding human being if you did so. Precipitantly. Joyfully. With great anticipation! Like, right now.

2) Take 4 minutes to call out a friend, coworker, sibling, neighbor, mentor, or other brilliant person--by name--with a short email. "Hey, [name of visionary friend]! I’ve found this awesome novel, Leaf Falling, that you can get in in on from the get-go if you pre-order it on Inkshares. I’ve done it, and I feel like the sun shines brighter, the birds sing with more haunting beauty, and I may have achieved some small measure of transcendence. Join me, my friend! Give it a look! https://www.inkshares.com/books/leaf-falling" would do nicely.

3) Take a moment to bask in the warm glow of your own excellence for having supported the novel. I can’t adequately express my gratitude for your support.

Onward and upward!

M. Slusser

Well, in my excitement to share the news that Leaf Falling is in 13th place, I hit that 1 an extra time...

The book is just 3 slots out of the top ten, not more than a hundred. It’s very, very close. You can make the difference oh, so easily.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the support!

O Wise Readers,

Here we are: two weeks out from the end of the contest. Your support has made Leaf Falling 113th place out of almost 400 entries. You are wonderful and amazing and appreciated more than you can know.

The leaders have a fairly impressive lead, but I think we can give them a run for their money. There’s nothing like a last-minute comeback, is there? Crowdfunding efforts often see their best performance near the end of the drive.

I’d love to end this thing in the top 10, and maybe even that elusive top 5. We’re only 16 readers away from the list: if each of you can get even one person to order (and make sure you’ve ordered yourself), we’d shoot right to number 5. (Often, suggesting to friends by name makes the most impact).

I’ve posted a new chapter for your reading enjoyment. Let’s light up the boards and help you and your friends get your hands on this novel!

Thank you so much. You all, collectively and individually, rock.

Well, loyal followers and generous pre-orderers, we’re into a new week. We’re holding strong in the top ten, but we need to keep moving forward in this long journey to reach triumph and greatness. If you haven’t put in a pre-order, why not keep the momentum going by doing so right now? Your hands are already on your device: wouldn’t it be so simple and fulfilling to make the world a better place with a few simple taps of your fingers? An overwhelming sense of peace and joy will be yours.*

If you want to find out how Leaf is ensnared by the will of powerful forces, how she meets the tenacious Alcanor or the canny Rhyslowe, and just how far her journeys will carry her, encourage your friends, neighbors, family, more intellectual pets, and discerning contacts of every flavor to put in their vote--risk free!--as soon as may be.

You are all people of wisdom and excellence. Thank you.

*I am legally mandated to observe that, of course, no monetary expenditure can guarantee either peace or joy, even if it’s for really engrossing and worthwhile literature. But I’m pretty sure that’s what will happen.

Li4js3ng Michael Slusser · Author · added over 2 years ago
Delve deeper into the world of Leaf Falling. I’ve posted a children’s tale after the current 3 chapters and flashback. Enjoy!
Li4js3ng Michael Slusser · Author · added over 2 years ago
Hey, Inksharers: Leaf Falling has its own Facebook page (the lucky thing). Log on and and "like" the page to help keep the word spreading! Thanks again for all your support.

311220 4967934317046 1967210004 n Marilyn Parker · Reader · added over 2 years ago
Love that cover art!

Very exciting news out today:

1) Leaf Falling has been featured on the Inkshares blog as one of the top ten books in the Geek & Sundry fantasy novel contest! Read about the inspiration for my book (as well as that for other fine authors) here: http://blog.inkshares.com/post/149465633850/top-10-authors-in-geek-sundry-fantasy-contest-on

2) Fantastic fantasy artist Devin Parker is creating a cover for the novel, and has graciously agreed to let me put up his provisional cover art on the project. This work in progress already looks amazing, and it promises to be phenomenal. Huge thanks to him; check out his other work at DeviantArt (http://mysterycycle.deviantart.com/)

So this is our chance! If you have pre-ordered, you are wonderful. I f you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you are still wonderful, but could be more wonderful still! Spread the word so we can make this thing happen! Huge thanks to you!


Okay--you remember the video I posted the other day?

It was dull. Dull as unbuttered toast. I wanted casual and charming and got sleepy and confused.

But all has been mended! Please give me another shot and check out the exciting new video posted today. Share and enjoy!